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Udaariyaan 25th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Alia’s new drama upsets Armaan

Udaariyaan 25th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Aasma advising Alia to live and die for own self, not anyone else. Alia hugs her and says please don’t tell my family that I came here, else you know… Aasma says don’t worry, I understand, if you need anything, I m there, you can come with me, Armaan and I are going back today. Alia says no, I m fine, you go, my flight is in sometime, I will go. Aasma goes. Armaan scolds Alia. He asks will you get me if you die, you have to live, else I will end my life, you are proving you love me a lot, you think I m enjoying here, Sukhi threatened me and I had to marry, I want freedom from this relation, I want to live with you, else I would have died with you at the border, you are my destination, if you do this, then come to find me dead. Alia says no and hugs him. Aasma worries about Alia. She thinks of Armaan’s words and smiles. She packs the bag. Armaan says I booked your flight, go home, for my sake. Alia nods and hugs him. Manager says you had to make kada for your husband, don’t file any case. Aasma says don’t worry. Manager says Sir, you are a very lucky man, she loves you a lot. Armaan looks at Aasma. Alia looks on and says Armaan is mine, Aasma is a threat, I will see her, its enough now. She leaves. Manager gives a gift to Armaan and Aasma. Armaan says thanks. They leave. He says you were filing a case for a kada. Aasma says yes, you got fine by that kada. He says I thought you just fight with me, you fight with anyone. She says you were fighting goons. He says for you. She says I did that for you.

Back in Moga, Armaan calls Deepak. She says I m very happy, Armaan and I are getting friendly, I have come to Gurudwara, I will call you later. She sees Alia crying and hurt and goes to her. She asks how did this happen, we must file a police complaint, I will call Ekam. Alia says no. Aasma says he can’t trouble you, please let me tell Ekam. Alia taunts her.

Alia says its my mistake, I will stay in Gurudwara now. Aasma asks what. Rano calls Biji and says they have come from honeymoon, Aasma has gone to Gurudwara. Aasma brings Alia home. Alia thinks Aasma got me to her Sasural today. Armaan looks on and thinks why did Aasma get Alia home. Aasma says Alia is hurt, I got her home to give medicines. Baby says get enemies home. She taunts Rano. Everyone complains about Sukhi and Ekam’s enmity. Aasma says we should forget enmity, times have changed, situation also changed, why do we have hatred in our heart, look at Alia’s condition, let her come for some time. Baby splashes water on Alia. Armaan looks on. Aasma comes between to save Alia.

Aasma defends Alia. Armaan says Alia won’t enter the house, dad isn’t at home. He scolds Alia and asks her to come. He drags her out. Baby shouts on Aasma. Rano asks Aasma to have thinking like them. Armaan says you do good makeup, I know you well, you are doing drama, how did you think that anyone will allow you. Alia says I know they will stop me, I didn’t know you will oppose me. They argue. Baby says I will inform Sukhi. Biji scolds her. Aasma tries to explain. Alia says I want to come here, so I befriended Aasma. Armaan says she is very clever. She says I know so I want to stay close. He says you don’t need to come in my house. She says I can’t let anyone get close to you. He goes. Alia thinks I m happy because Aasma will take me inside the house.

The episode ends

Update Credit to: Amena


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