Saud Claims He’s Still Getting Multiple Bollywood Offers

Saud Qasmi is quite a famous Pakistani actor and producer, renowned for his brilliant acting talent and notable appearances in hit films. He has performed in many popular Pakistani films and television dramas including Love 95, Mis Istanbul and Majajan. Additionally, he has achieved success as a producer with hit TV series such as “Yeh Zindagi Hai” and “Khuda Aur Mohabbat.” Recently, Saud Qasmi, along with Javeria Saud, captivated audiences in the widely-loved drama “Baby Baji. His portrayal of Jamal garnered immense admiration. Saud is also known for his deep religious devotion, often sharing his love for reciting Naats.

Saud Claims He's Still Getting Multiple Bollywood Offers

In his recent appearance in “The Talk Talk Show”, hosted by Hassan Choudary, Saud Qasmi revealed that he is still getting multiple work offers from Bollywood. Talking about doing films he said, “Yes, I have the plans to do films, I can do films like all other actors are doing, maximum, my film will not get hit. Also, there is a surprising fact that I have gotten two to three film offers from Bollywood, I was sitting with Aly Khan on our film set, we did a film together which will be out soon, the name of the film is “Hum Sab”, we both had the same offer and it is by a big director, I got multiple offers from India but I didn’t get any offers from Pakistan”.

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Saud Claims He's Still Getting Multiple Bollywood Offers

Saud Claims He's Still Getting Multiple Bollywood Offers


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