Saubhagyavati Bhava 2 26th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Obsessed Raghav punishes Siya

Saubhagyavati Bhava 2 26th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The show starts with Viraj introducing the obsessed lover Raghav calling him Tiger, whose love is uncontrollable, and even he has rules and regulations set, and if they are not obeyed? Then……Raghav is shown with Siya. They are dancing. Hame Tumse Pyaar Kitna plays….They come back home. Raghav brings Siya home and says we are back to our home sweet home. He asks her to go and freshen up, till he uploads their video. Siya says ok…see you. Raghav asks if you are forgetting something. Siya turns to him. He says I have done so much for you and made you feel special. Siya says thank you so much, and comes near him. Raghav says you are the best, as you understand whatever I want you to understand. He says people say that sorry is not important in love, but I think that sorry and thankful are both important, so that husband and wife shall know who has done right and who has not. He says just 10 mins, and not more. Siya nods her head and goes. Raghav smiles. Siya comes to the room and finds the clothes messed up on the bed. She thinks she had forgotten it in a hurry, if Raghav sees it then will get very angry.

Raghav posts the video on the social networking site with a message that “ A love without madness, is not love”. Siya is keeping the clothes in the cupboard. Raghav sees the followers figure striking to 10 Million and gets happy, saying it is time to celebrate. He brings wine glasses. She keeps all the clothes in the cupboard in a hurry. Raghav says 10 mins passed and you haven’t changed. Siya says I was going to change now. Raghav asks if you are planning to run away from me. He tells that it is not easy to handle 10 million people’s love, it must be tiring. She nods yes. He dances with her and says I know what you need.

He hugs her and says someone said that “a hug a day keeps the troubles away”. He says I love you so much. Siya reciprocates the hug. He says you are my bestest wife and friend. He sees saree peeping out of the cupboard and opens it, when the clothes falls on his feet. Siya gets scared. She says I am really sorry, I had to get ready in 10 mins and that’s why she couldn’t keep it back. Raghav says you have done a mistake and says I do some much to keep you happy, and you didn’t take any step to make me upset. He says it took 2 months for us to become best couple and you became first wife from best wife. He holds her hand tightly. Siya says not today. Raghav asks if today is your birthday. Siya says it hurts. Raghav says even I will be hurt, but it is important for you and us. He makes her sit in the cupboard and then locks it, while she is pleading for the last chance and says sorry. She says she will never do this again. Raghav looks at the key and goes taking it. Siya feels suffocated and cries. Raghav gets ready and says I am already missing you…jaan. Siya knocks on the cupboard. Raghav says it is a famous saying that the punishment makes the man perfect, but in your case, punishment will make you the best wife. He asks her to fight with darkness and take breath, so that she realize her mistake, so that there will be possibility to live with him and rectifying her mistake. He says I will leave now, and will come at 6 pm and will take you out. He says bye and goes. Siya cries in the cupboard. She thinks she didn’t do mistake today, but then…..

A fb is shown, 3 months before the marriage. Raghav gets best entrepreneur award. He comes to his office and gets a message on his mobile about Intruder alert. He sees his car’s live CCTV and sees the guy to his girlfriend that this is the advantage of Dad’s service station, he drives many luxuries cars. The girl asks when to return this car. He says at the earliest. She asks if we can go for long drive, to Agra and Delhi. The guy says Papa. She says please. Raghav gets angry and says you thought this car of your father, and when you thought it then it is Raghav Jindal’s duty to do something. The guy says he will take her to Mumbai.

The girl’s parents and sister come to the PS and file then complaint that her sister is missing. Siya says she will not go anywhere and will not go until they search her sister. The Police Inspector refuses. He then calls Raghav and tells that the girl’s family have come to file the complaint and says he got the guy and girl go missing on his saying. Raghav sees Siya on video call protesting and asking to file the case, and until then she will sit on strike there. The lady constable slaps her. Raghav thinks she is so much loyal to her family and fighting with the Police for her sister, and thinks she can fight with Yamraj for her husband. He tells Inspector that he will talk to Commissioner uncle if you don’t file the case. He says what a shame, a girl comes to file complaint and you people raise hand on her. He asks her to suspend lady constable who raised hand on her, and says we will return, search her sister and tells that she shall not have any problem, else I will make your videos viral. The Inspector says I understood.

The lady constable apologizes to Siya for raising hand on her, and says I am suspended. Siya says my sister has returned, I don’t want your suspension. Inspector and Raghav has come to Siya’s house to drop the girl Rashmi. Siya’s mother asks Raghav to take pedhas, and says my brother sent us for us. Raghav sees houseflies on it and thinks to kill them, and then says sweet kills, I am on diet. She says ok. Rashmi’s father asks who had kidnapped her. Raghav says human traffickers, and says Manav Taskar, they wanted to sell Rashmi abroad. Rashmi’s father asks did you see their faces. Inspector says no. Raghav sees the pen without cap and then caps it and keeps it back on the table. Rashmi’s mother says don’t know how to lower your favor. Raghav tells that he wants her to load his gaming site, and says the more the subscriber, the more will be the profit. They laugh and agree. Rashmi’s father says he don’t play game. Raghav asks her to play crossword game. He says ok. He sees Siya laughing and asks her to give her phone. He then downloads the App and returns the phone to her. He asks her to read the terms and conditions of the APP. She doesn’t read it and accept it. He comes home and thinks there are lazy people in this city, and says nobody wants to read terms and conditions, and presses agree button without realizing that they are handing over their lives control in my hand, as the microphone, camera, location and photos get accessed. He opens the room using his Retina security check and comes to the room. He look at Siya’s room live feed due to the camera access of the game and tells her that his sight is on her.

Back to present: Raghav comes home at 6 pm and says Jaan…I am at home. He calls Siya as Jaan and asks if you are upset with me, I don’t do this deliberately and says sorry, says no more fights. He asks her to get ready for the surprise and opens the cupboard. Unconscious Siya falls on him.

Viraj talks to someone (Detective) and tells that he spent 12 years in jail, and bear bad food and bad people, so that I can come out and search her, but I what I got, your lies and excuses. He says he don’t want any excuses and asks him to go and find her. He says he doesn’t like losing.

Precap: Raghav takes Siya to hospital and asks her to promise him that she will not do anything which will make him punish her. When he is taking Siya outside, he slaps himself shocking her. Siya makes key fall down from his pocket. She then sits in the auto while he goes to get the key. She asks auto driver to take her anywhere, just takes her away from here. The auto driver says ok. Raghav says what do you think that I will not know if you throw my car keys. He says game is on, lets play.

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