Rabb Se Hai Dua 26th September 2023 Written Episode Update: The priest curses Hina and Gazal

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Scene 1
The priest arrives at Haider’s house, he welcomes him in and says its good to see you. The priest says this house doesn’t look chirpy, call Dua. Haider thinks if he finds out about our relationship then he will be hurt. Haider says I have to leave for work. The priest says you seem like you are lying, I need to talk to you about you and Dua. Gazal and Hina see them. Gazal asks Hina why did she call him? Hina says I didn’t tell him the truth about you. Gazal says then how will he convince Haider to accept me? Hina says I will make him against Dua and he will convince Haider to accept you. Ravi hears all that and calls Dua. Dua says I can’t believe Hina is going to use the priest to support Gazal. Ravi says she knows Haider won’t say no to the priest for anything. Dua says the priest is smart, once he sees Gazal then he would never accept her. Ravi says what if Hina and Gazal fool him? Dua looks on. Ravi says Hina keeps provoking Haider and want him to accept Gazal, what if he accepts her? Dua says then my relationship will end with him. I know Haider can’t lose me, there will be no relationship between Haider and Gazal. She ends the call and cries.. she says Haider is mine only, I am sure he will never have a relationship with Gazal. Hamida and Hafeez hear all that. Hamida says Haider has done this with your sister. Don’t you think you should punish his family? Hafeez says I want to kill them all. Hamida says you don’t need that, you just need to convince Kaynaat to run away with you, he says yes and leaves. Dua cries and says why Hina is destroying my life, Haider would never accept Gazal.

The priest asks Haider to call Dua. He says she is busy, you can talk to me. He says I chose you as my follower because you deserve it, you are close to God and always fulfil your relationships. You were a good brother and son.. and you were a good husband but you lack one relationship. Why don’t you want to be a father? don’t you want your baby to roam this house? Hina comes there and welcomes him. The priest says you like to interupt people. Hina says I heard you.. I also want my grandkids but Haider doesn’t listen. Haider says its my personal matter. Hina says what about our family? we want a heir, she asks the priest to convince him. The priest asks Haider to continue his lineage. I feel like you are going to be a father soon.. I can see a baby in your fate. You have a pious wife like Dua. Hina says I keep telling him but he doesn’t listen. The priest asks if everything is okay between him and Dua? call her so I can talk to her. He calls out to Dua and looks around. The priest says she isn’t even coming to welcome me? is she home? Hina and Haider get stressed. The priest asks where is Dua? Hina says she left the house. He asks where? Hina says she left after breaking our family, Haider has already divorced her. The priest is shocked. Hina tells him everything and how Dua destroyed Ruhaan’s wedding so Haider had to marry Gazal to save her life. Then how Dua kept torturing Gazal. Haider leaves from there. Hina tells him that his prayers saved them from Dua. She calls Gazal and asks her to take his blessings. She greets him but the priest says this is a sin.. Haider married another woman when he already had a wife? Hina says the situation was such. The priest says enough.. I was right to think that you are not a good person. You were burning in this fire and made Dua go through the same? everything will be destroyed in this family. Gazal says this family respects you a lot so please don’t curse them, Hina is right that Dua was not good with them. Can you please tell me that I will have a baby with Haider? Hina says his predictions are always right, if he said that Haider will have a baby then you will have a baby with him. Haider will never say no to him. The priest tells Hina that she won’t have a place even in hell.. you used me to convince Haider? I curse you to regret everything, I curse that your family gets destroyed. Hina cries and says please don’t say that. The priest is leaving but Gazal offers him money. He says I am not a beggar, if I take any money from you then God won’t give me place even in hell. He tells Hina that I told you a storm will come and its already here. Gazal apologizes to him and says please bless me with a baby. The priest says Haider will have a baby. He has 2 babies in his fate. Gazal says wow.. I will have 2 babies with Haider? Hina thanks him for blessing them with twins. The priest says I didn’t say that it will be twins. You people are fool to keep this Gazal here. Hina says you don’t know her, she is very talented. The priest says you can’t see what I can see.. this girl has no worth. I pray for you to open your eyes soon, he leaves. Hina is confused. Gazal hugs her and says you were right.. Dua trapped this priest too, he didn’t even know me and still thinks I am a bad person. Hina says don’t worry.. he said you will have 2 babies with Haider so be happy. Gazal thinks once I have a relationship with Haider then Dua will leave him forever.

Precap: Dua’s mother locks her inside the room and walks away. Dua says I have to stop Ammi and Hafez from ruining Kaynat life, she breaks the glass and hurt herself while unlocking door. Dua runs and says if they succeed in there plan everything will be ruined badly. She tries to open main door but finds it is locked.

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