Parineeti 25th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Pari questions Sanju’s care for her

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Scene 1
Neeti asks Sanju why is he acting like the world ended.. I mean Pari is okay. Gurpreet says you don’t care about Pari? Neeti asks Pari if she is hurt? she is fine. Pari asks them to stop arguing, I am okay now and let them perform. Pami says fine but first we will do aarti first, lets have food before that.

Neeti scolds Shanku and his goons.. Bebe asks her to calm down. Neeti says I thought my work will be done but they are useless. Shilpa says we were doing our work but your husband saved her, you can’t insult her like this. Bebe asks them to stop fighting, we have another chance so be careful now.

Gurpreet checks Pari’s hand, she says I am okay. Sanju comes there and says she is so careless, he takes the first aid kit and cleans up her wound while Gurpreet and Bubbly look on. Pari takes her hand back and says I am okay, he says fine and leaves. Gurpreet says you shouldn’t have talked to him like that. Pari runs to Sanju, he says you shouldn’t run like that. Pari smiles and says you can get angry? he says a lot.. Pari says I don’t want to remember your angry face when I leave.. Sanju says won’t you come back after giving birth to the baby? please say you will come back. Pari says yes.. I will come back. He says I will wait for you. Pari asks why?

Neeti is stressed, Bebe asks her to stop pacing.. Neeti says what if Pari really.. Bebe says Gurpreet came here to provoke Pari and take your place in this house. Gurvindar hides and hears all that. Bebe says she should have taken her back but she didn’t.. she is here to plot against you but you are a fool to not see it. Gurvindar leaves from there. Bebe says Pari’s death will bring happiness in your life. Neeti says I deserve happiness with Sanju so Pari has to die.

Gurvindar comes to Gurpreet and asks what does she want from her? you want to punish me for your husband’s mistake? but everyone was selfish in what happened. Gurpreet says what you mean? Gurvindar says we didn’t hide anything from your husband.. Rajiv married Pari to save your reputation but you all act like I was greedy and selfish.. Pari is leaving this house because she knows Neeti and Sanju love each other but what are you doing? provoking Pari and asking her to fight for her rights.. don’t you want Neeti to be happy? what’s her fault in all this. Gurpreet says as a mother I don’t want anyone to be hurt but Pari is happy with Neeti and Sanju being together. Gurvindar says Pari should know that she should stay away from them. Pami comes there and asks Gurvindar to stop all this. Pari has done so much for this family but you keep spitting negative words for her. She asks Gurpreet to come with her.

Pari asks Sanju why he wants her to come back home? Sanju says sometimes we already know the answer but I will tell you.. I feel like you will take part of my heart with you but I know you con’t stay back, can I ask you something? Pari says no.. don’t ask anything. She starts to leave but Bubbly comes there and asks why did he choose Neeti over Pari? He looks on.

Ami tries to talk to Chandrika but she is angry and says you and your mom would want to replace me soon, she leaves. Tayaji tells Amit to pacify his wife, they leave.

Shanku tells his goon to attack Pari with the dagger during the game.

Sanju tells Bubbly that nothing can be done now as Pari has decided our fate, Pari asks Bubbly to leave, she goes. Pari apologizes to him and asks if he had to decide about their fates then what would he have done? Sanju looks on.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba


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