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Pandya Store 26th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Dhawal gets arrested

Pandya Store 26th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Suman doing a drama and crying. She asks Natasha to call Shesh and Mittu. Natasha says you ditched me, don’t do this drama, I m going. Suman says good girl. Chirag says I don’t know, Dolly and Natasha had this conversation. Amrish scolds Chirag for spending money. He says no one will go anywhere. Dolly says it’s a ritual to go on honeymoon after marriage. Amrish asks where is it written, your dad’s money is also invested in this mall, I have to give 50% profit to your dad, I will pack your bags and send you home. He asks Chirag to get to work. Chirag says Pandya store didn’t get demolished. Amrish says don’t worry about that, focus on your work.

Its night, Amba comes to Amrish and hands a bowl. She says this is our future, we will be seen begging because of Natasha. He says trust me, I will take revenge, I have sent Dhawal wit Natasha to win her trust. She says when will she do, Bhaven will never go against you, Chirag and Dhawal are kids by mind, Dhawal and Natasha’s friendship can become a big trouble. She goes. He says I have become Pandya’s address to a trouble. He calls Dhawal and says you have gone there, why. Dhawal says for Kuldevta puja. Amrish says win her trust, she should sign the papers, do this for me, then you do whatever you want. Suman calls Shesh and Mittu to leave Dhawal’s room. Mittu says Suman is not well, we will go to her. Dhawal says I will come. Shesh says no, take rest. Natasha looks on. Chirag lights the candles and says I have to convince Dolly today. He sings Tum kya liye and dances. She beats him and says stay away, sleep on the floor.

She scolds him. She makes him sleep on the floor and switches on the AC. He feels cold. Shesh jokes on Natasha. Manager says we have kept a party for youngsters, do you want to come. Shesh says yes. Mittu asks shall I come. Shesh says yes, come, we will party. Dhawal sees Natasha. She rests on the bed. He says go, I will sleep on the bed. They fight. She threatens of police.

The police comes there. Chiku says please Sir, save my sister, protect her, I will go and get my dad from the railway station. Dhawal says you are too much. She says I will call police and get you arrested. He says e will see. The police enters the room. The inspector says don’t worry, Ms. Natasha, is this the man who troubled you. He catches Dhawal. Natasha thinks Dhawal called them to play a prank. She does a drama and complains about Dhawal.

Dhawal says I didn’t do anything. Dhawal and Natasha go with the police. Chiku smiles. He says now see what surprise I prepared for you, Pandya store will break and my dreams will get fulfilled. Shesh and Mittu dance in the party. Chiku gets Amrish’s message and replies that he is ready to strike. Natasha says this is real police station. She says I thought it’s a prank, please don’t beat my husband. Inspector says you are safe, don’t worry. Dhawal says we are married. Chiku goes to Suman’s room and recalls her words. Suman wakes up. Natasha says I will show the marriage video, Dhawal is my husband. The phone gets off. Inspector gives the phone back. Dhawal gets angry and says you don’t remember to charge the phone.

Natasha asks Inspector to check Dolly Makhwana’s posts on social media. Inspector says I m against social media. Suman calls Shesh and asks where is Natasha. Shesh says she is with Dhawal, we are partying, you sleep. She says come back soon, we have to leave early in the morning. Suman gets alert and checks the room. She says there was someone, no. Inspector says stay here, we will see tomorrow. Natasha says check it online, else give me the charger, I will show the video. She gets a charger. She says give me another one. She holds ears and says sorry, please give another charger. Inspector says this is a police station. Dhawal taunts her. Inspector gets angry. She says I will call my brother. He says your brother has filed the complaint against you. She asks Shesh and Mittu. He says no, his name was Yashodan Pandya. She is shocked.

Amrish says this last strike will be on Suman. Suman meets with an accident. Natasha shouts Daama….

Update Credit to: Amena


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