Meet 25th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Sumeet learns about Shlok and Akki’s location.

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Sumeet is convinced that Shlok is at Bilawal’s house, so she rings the doorbell. Akki and Shlok trying to sneak out of the house but they get scared after hearing the doorbell. Zainab instructs a servant to check who is at the door. Shlok hiding says is Bilawal back? Sumeet informs Zainab that she has come to invite them for Ganapati celebrations.

Zainab initially hesitates, but Dadu expresses their willingness to attend and asks will get modak. Sumeet says yes and she attempts to look around inside the house, makes up excuses.

Meanwhile, Shlok and Sumeet sense each other’s presence but miss seeing each other in person. They catch a glimpse of each other’s shadows through a curtain. Shlok believes Sumeet is nearby, and Sumeet is about to draw the curtain to see inside. However, she is interrupted by someone calling her, preventing her from revealing herself. Still, her anklet reaches Shlok, bringing a smile to his face.

Naaz questions Sumeet’s presence in her home. Sumeet explains that she has come to invite Naaz and her family for Ganesh Puja. Naaz notices Sumeet’s curiosity as she looks around and asks what she’s searching for.

Shlok, on the other hand, is hopeful that Kafur can help him and Akki leave Pakistan and return to India. Bilawal confronts Kafur and resorts to violence to extract information about Shlok’s whereabouts. Kafur discloses that he helped eight Indians cross the border, including Shlok and Akki, unwittingly revealing their names.

Naaz mentions Akki, and Sumeet begins to suspect that Adil might be Shlok. Naaz retrieves the pictures she had taken earlier and accidentally drops them. While picking up the pictures, Sumeet sees that they are of Shlok and Akki, and her heart swells with emotion. She expresses her gratitude to God for keeping Shlok safe.

Sumeet overhears a constable listening to Bilawal’s order to raid Indian spies, including Shlok. She becomes frantic, realizing that Shlok’s life is in danger and she must save him. Shlok and Akki, in the meantime, contemplate their impending return home. Shlok lightens the mood with some jokes but becomes emotional at the thought of reuniting with Sumeet.

Sumeet contemplates how to rescue Shlok and decides to join the constables in a jeep to reach Bilawal. Akki inquiries about their expected arrival home the next day. Shlok teases him and feels overwhelmed at the prospect of reuniting with Sumeet soon.

Sumeet prays to God for help in saving innocent lives. Meanwhile, Bilawal plans to kill all the Indians attempting to cross the border. He ensures that Shlok’s blanket is marked, so his men won’t shoot him. Kafur is blackmailed by Bilawal to help trap Shlok. Sumeet struggles with how to save Shlok and is in the police jeep, overhearing Bilawal’s instructions. Bilawal spots a group of Indians nearing the border, and the tension rises. He orders his men not to move, while Sumeet anxiously prays to Lord Ganesha for assistance.

Precap: Sumeet praying to Lord Ganesha for saving Shlok’s life. Bilawal throws Burkha at her says no need of praying because I shot him on chest, he is dead and by tomorrow you will get his dead body and show her his locket and quilt. Sumeet challenges him to take Shlok back to India.

Update Credit to: Tanaya


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