May I Come In Madam 2 26th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Balu Accuses Sajan

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The episode starts with Sajan waking up in the morning and asking his wife to get him bed tea. He imagines Sanjana walking to him in a sensual style with tea and offering him tea. He holds her hand and says he loves her gestures. She asks him to leave her hand as she is fasting today. He says he is slow though. She says she already bathed and needs to visit a temple, he should go and bring srikhand to submit as prasad. He pulls her towards him and kisses him. Kashmira brings him tea and is shocked to see him kissing a pillow. She gets him out of imagination and asks what is he doing. He says his lips were itching and hence he kissed pillow. She asks if he shall bring a balm for his lips. He says he is fine now and asks he to serve him bed tea. She gives him tea. He gets romantic. She walks away feeling shy.

Sajan walks to lawn and notices Bhupesh exercising. He asks if he didn’t leave the world yet. Bhupesh says it’s Sajan turn and not his. Sajan imagines hitting him with a cooker. Neighbor Bubli’s blouse flies and falls in front of Sajan. Sajan asks Bhupesh to go and return blouse to Bubli. Bhupesh refuses. Sajan walks to Bubli’s house yelling at Bhupesh and fixes blouse on a rope. Balu notices that and accuses him of stealing Bubli’s blouse. Sanju refuses allegation. Balu argues with him. Bubli walks to Sanju and hugs him. Sanju says her blouse flew and fell in his territory and he returned it, but Balu is accusing him of stealing it. Bubli laughs out loudly. Sanju asks Bhupesh to speak. Bhupesh says he doesn’t know anything.
Ramvati joins and in her typical style asks Sajan to stop doing such heinous acts.

Kashmira walks in and asks what is happening. Balu gets mesmerized seeing her and says her husband was stealing Babli’s blouse. Sajan explains situation. Kashmira says her husband touches only her blouse and considers other’s blouse as mother and sister’s blouse. Balu says he will believe if she says so and asks how can he help her. Kashmira asks him to go home. Balu leaves with Bubli. Kashmira asks Sanju if he really stole Bubli’s blouse. Sanju gets angry. Kashmira asks him to get a fall on her sari on the way to office. Sanju refuses and leaves.

Sajan reaches office and waits for Sanjana. Sanjana walks in style. Sajan stands mesmerized with her beauty. She over phone scolds a man to stop flirting with her and orders him to enact as cock and make a cock sound. Sajan confused obeys her. Sanjana asks what is he doing. He says he is obeying her orders. She says she is on phone. In the lift, a romantic song plays and Sajan imagines romancing Sanjana. At office, Bhupesh’s colleague chitchats with him. Sajan asks them to get back to work and stop wasting time. He walks to Sanjana’s cabin. Sanjana feels short of breath and asks him to give lip-to-lip breathing to her. He deeply kisses her. Out of imagination, he kisses Bhupesh instead. Chedi walks in and rescues Bhupesh. Bhupesh sits in shock.

Sajan walks walks into Sanjana’s cabin in real. Sanjana says she needs to attend a party tonight and needs alteration of her blouse, but her tailor is busy. Sajan recalls Kashmira’s request to get a fall on her sari and tells Sanjana that he is expert in fixing women’s issues, he will get her blouse altered via his tailor. He calls tailor who describes Sanjana’s beauty in an artistic way. Sajan gets lost in imagination and takes Sajana’s measurement describing her beauty. Sanjana gets him out of imagination and says she gave measurement to Masterji and he should drop the blouse at her home by evening. Sajan agrees.

Sajan reaches his friend Khiloni’s pharmacy and orders for a constipation medicine. Khiloni asks what is he doing here during office hours. Sajan says he came to alter madam’s blouse via Babban tailor. Khiloni insists him to show the blouse. Sajan refuses. Sanjana calls Sajana and informs him that she canceled her outing tonight and asks him to bring the blouse to office tomorrow. Khiloni insists Sajan to give him the blouse for a day. Sajan refuses. Khiloni asks if he will keep it safe in a locker. Sajan says he will keep it in a best secret locker and grins. At home, Bhupesh shows his distorted lips to Kashmira and reveals that Sajan kissed him. Kashmira refuses to believe him and says she will question Sajan when he returns home. Sajan returns home and asks Kashmira to bring him some hot tea. She brings tea and drops it on him by mistake. He sings a sad song in pain. She insists him to remove his shirt. He refuses. She forcefully unbuttons his shirt and is shocked to see him wearing a blouse. Ramvati and Bhupesh click his pics.

Precap: Sanjana asks Sajan why did he hide that he is a gay and showing his pic in blouse asks him to dress up like a woman for office today. Sajan attends office in a sari. Sanjana asks him to apply red lipstick.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


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