Kundali Bhagya 26th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Preeta and Shristhi are arrested for kidnapping Nidhi

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Rajveer says that Shaurya must first complete the competition, Shaurya replies he is not such a person who likes to makes stories but he is surely going to win after breaking the Handi, Shaurya asks Sandy to tell them the story where he will break the Handi tomorrow, Sandy starts telling the story where Shaurya is more fast then Rajveer and then broke the Handi, everyone starts clapping for him, Rishab says Sandy must not think everyone is impressed with him since he has not done anything of the sort, Sandy hides behind Shaurya when Rishab says that he is always behaving like this, karan explains that Sandy has started making a lot more mistakes while being with Shaurya and they have only increased. Shaurya says that he knew that his father would say such thing about him, Rakhi explains it is not the case as they love both Rajveer and Shaurya the same, Mahesh replies that they should not think like it since t is a competition, Rishab going to Shaurya explains they must have some sportsmanship and worry about it tomorrow. Daljeet says that they all should leave it on Bhagwan but for it they must wait for tomorrow, Daljeet mentions that they must leave now so hugs Rakhi, she explains Daljeet has to come tomorrow with her entire family, Daljeet says she would have come even if they did not ask her to come.

Gurpreet says that Nidhi should go inside however she warns her to not even think about running away since she has asked Mohit to stand outside the bathroom window when Nidhi replies she would never think of running away since she knows Mohit is surely standing outside, Nidhi asks if she can use the bathroom with the permission of Gurpreet, Nidhi entering the bathroom closes the door after which she is relieved, she immediately takes out her mobile and calls someone informing them that she has been kidnapped, she gives them the entire information while keeping the tap running so that no one is able to hear her talking, Nidhi then quickly covers her face with water, Gurpreet wonders how would she be able to wash all the crimes that she has committed, she starts getting restless when Nidhi opens the door, she thanks Gurpreet for allowing her to use the washroom and vows to return the favor as soon as she gets the can, Gurpreet asks her to not talk and come with her.

Rajveer coming out with Palki explains it is very difficult to get an auto and they would not agree to go there but Palki says that he can bring his bike while she will call the cab, Shanaya asks if she can go with Rajveer while Palki and Daljeet will come in the auto, Rajveer gets a bit worried when Shaurya comes asking how are they still here, he offers to drop them since he is already taking Sandy there, Rajveer at first refuses explaining that he will go and book a cab for them but Daljeet forces Palki into the car, Shaurya holding the hand of Shanaya takes her to the car, Daljeet sitting in the car thinks that Shaurya is very nice as he has good manners and even a lot of wealth, she prays how she desires him to be her son in law. Rajveer mentions he will sit in the front seat and asks Shanaya to go seat in the back seat, Shanaya thinks that she made Rajveer the hero to get the real hero Shaurya but he is getting to close, Shaurya says he was going because of Sandy, Rajveer asks Sandy to come on the bike. Rajveer explains he cares a lot for his family and those who are close to him mentioning he knows Shaurya is a very bad person, rather a bad driver and so he cannot take any risk with him. Rajveer helps Shanaya sit in the back seat and asks now the only questions remains about who would drive, Shaurya says that it is his car so he would be the one to drive, they leave when Shaurya says he will meet sandy later. Shaurya while on the way starts driving the car really fast which scares both Rajveer and Palki however Shanaya and Daljeet ask him to drive even more fast.

Preeta angrily comes out but is shocked to see that Nidhi is not here along with Gurpreet and Mohit, but then Nidhi comes back mentioning she is still here, Gurpreet explains that she took Nidhi to the bathroom and brought her back with her, Shristhi says she is glad Nidhi did not do anything wrong to her since she is a very evil women, Preeta also explains that Nidhi does not have a heart but just knows how to use her mind, Nidhi questions why are they talking like this since she is not evil. Mohit enters the house when Shristhi and Preeta question where did he go leaving Shambu and Nidhi, Mohit explains he was standing outside the bathroom window to wait and see if she tries to run away, Shristhi praises him for being so clever but Gurpreet explains it was her mind as she instructed Mohit. Preeta says that Nidhi is more clever then all of them and this is why she first hired Shambu to cause her accident and then she also came into the hospital to kill her by her own hands, the door bell rings hearing which Shristhi gets worried wondering who came at this time, Gurpreet leaves to open the door saying it would be Daljeet but she is shocked to see the inspector who enters the house, Mohit immediately covers Shambu, Nidhi explains that they kidnapped her because of her jewelry, the Inspector asks who are Preeta and Shristhi, Nidhi points to them both blaming them for kidnapping her, Shristhi asks why is she talking rubbish, Shristhi asks what jewelry is she wearing, Preeta requests the Inspector to listen to her since the have come here with the consent of Nidhi, Gurpreet also says that Nidhi is the one who is lying, Mohit also explains that both Preeta and Shristhi have just come to Mumbai and do not have any enemies, Nidhi however says that she is the one telling the truth and they have kidnapped her, and brought her here with the knife, she shows it to the Inspector and even reveals Shambu who is tied in the chair, she says they are not normal people. Shristhi says she is lying but Nidhi asks them to be ashamed as they have brought her here to this house, Preeta says she brought Nidhi here to question her for trying to kill her, Nidhi lames they have gotten greedy after seeing her jewelry so they must arrest them, the Inspector orders the lady constable to arrest both Preeta and Shristhi. Shristhi questions why are they arresting her, mentioning Nidhi has tried to kill her sister a lot of times, Preeta also says that Nidhi is the one lying, Gurpreet once again explains Nidhi is lying as the truth is right in front of them and she feels that the Inspector is fake but he replies he is the real inspector and asks the constable to arrest both Shristhi and Preeta. Gurpreet and Mohit get worried while Nidhi leaves with a smile on her face.

Daljeet sitting in the car thinks how the neighbors should be standing outside as they would see the beautiful car, Daljeet after getting out of the car praises Shaurya for dropping them off, he turns saying Rajveer should also thank him which he does but Shaurya says he has not heard such a weird thank you, Rajveer replies even he has never praised anyone like this before but after seeing Shaurya he gets like this, Shaurya says that he thought he would be asked for some coffee or tea, Daljeet says that she never thought he would like to come to her house but now that he has asked he must surely come, Rajveer says he would also like to have tea and is coming, Palki thinks Gurpreet is very lucky to get someone so loving as Rajveer since not many people get to have such boys who love her.

The Inspector takes Shristhi and Preeta to the police station while Nidhi also accompanies them, the Inspector orders the constable to put Shambu in the cell and then even arrange for a doctor to perform his checkup, Nidhi asks if she can leave since they have the event at their house so she has to leave, Shristhi asks why should Nidhi only leave as they also have to celebrate the event, the Inspector asks if they think he is foolish, mentioning they also have to celebrate the festival but are here performing the duty, he explains he will not let anyone leave until the case is solved.

Palki enters the house but Daljeet pushes her out of the house along with Rajveer and Shanaya, she greets Shaurya into the house, he is about to sit beside Shanaya but Rajveer quickly sits there explaining that he can sit under the fan, Daljeet thinks she thought Shanaya would be with Shaurya so prays that Bhagwan should do what is right for her, Daljeet explains she thought Shanaya would make tea for them all but knows she does not know how to cook, however she thought she will accompany her to the kitchen as she can cook something nice for the person who she will get married, Rajveer says Palki can make tea for them while Shanaya should go and sleep as it is very late, Shaurya asks if Rajveer is jealous of him, Rajveer replies he is not jealous but just desires Shaurya should stay away from Shanaya as even he knows the reason, Sandy abruptly laughs but then explains he cannot control it and so needs to attend the bathroom, Daljeet asks Rajveer to show him but he says he needs to be here as it is more important, Rajveer asks Shanaya to go and make tea for them all so she leaves angrily, Rajveer also asks Sandy to come as he would show him the bathroom.

Daljeet sits with Shaurya asking how did he like their house, he replies their house is even smaller then their parking space but it is sorted which he likes, Palki replies he does not have to be such a show off as she has seen the wealth that they have but he should try to learn some manners as he does not have any, she even says that he must at least praise the house of someone else even when he knows it is not as compared to his own house. Daljeet tries to stop her but Palki is furious.

Precap: Preeta says to Nidhi from today onwards I’ll be keeping eye on you, if you make any wrong move I’ll attack you and break all your intentions.

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