Kundali Bhagya 25th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Preeta brings Nidhi to her house

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Rajveer comes telling a mother is the same, so she would let her meet his mother in whom she can see her own mother, Rajveer explains all the mothers have the same feelings and intentions like he said that a mother is the same and so whenever Kavya meets his mother she would really love him, and the void that is in her life would not be the same once she meets his mother, kavya gets up to hug Rajveer who also embraces her, Rajveer thinks Kavya said she does not remember the face of his mother so when he lets her meet his mother she will not remember anything, Varun starts smiling seeing Rajveer.

Mohit comes running out but he falls on the floor, Mohit says that Shristhi jee called him to inform that she has caught the criminal Shambu who ran away so he is going to her, Gurpreet is glad that Shristhi jee caught the criminal otherwise she had no idea what she would say to Shristhi jee, Mohit says he knows he is her only son but she did not even offer to help him getting up, Gurpreet explains that she knew he is her strong son but she once again asks what happened to him, Mohit explains that he is in a lot of pain, Shristhi calls Mohit from outside who rushes to help her, he ties Shambu to the chair at once when he is still unconscious, Shristhi asks why did he manage to run away when she instructed them both to keep an eye on him, Gurpreet explains that she had kept a close eye on him but he managed to run away just as she turned away, Shristhi signals Mohit to tie him carefully to which he agrees and they both start tying him together.

Nidhi questions Preeta when is this drama going to end, Preeta instructs her to look down to the knife when Nidhi explains it will not fix her car, Preeta however says that she should go and stop an auto instructing him to take them to Chambur, Preeta threatens that she is not a nice person when it comes to bad people like her and she can even kill her, Nidhi exclaims that she is sure Preeta has come back with a lot of plans which can surely ruin everything for her, Preeta questions why did Nidhi freeze instructing her to go out before she counts to three otherwise she will slit her throat, Nidhi gets scared so gets out when she keeps signaling the auto drivers to go ahead and not stop, one of the drivers stops so Nidhi asks why did he stop when she signaled him to leave but he says she asked him to stop, Preeta immediately comes out when the auto driver also asks her what they must do since Nidhi asked him to leave but Preeta says she is not mentally stable and they have to go to Chambur.

Shanaya is drinking when Daljeet comes to her questioning what is going on with her as the vow which she made today scared her as she desires to be the daughter in law of the Luthra family, Shanaya explains that she has not just made this vow but she has been humiliated in this house today by a Dayan named Nidhi, who warned her to stay away from her daughter Shaurya but she is going to be the person who welcomes her into this house like a daughter in law, Shanaya exclaims that Nidhi hurt her ego so she is going to do whatever is required to be the daughter in law of this family, Shanaya angrily leaves when Daljeet wonders when did her young daughter grow so quickly, she exclaims that Shanaya is not going to fight this battle alone and she will also support her in each and every battle. Shanaya while walking sees Shaurya with Sandy, she remember how Nidhi humiliated her in the room and said she cannot even think of becoming a member of this family, Shanaya goes to Shaurya angrily saying that a person like him can never enter her life, Shaurya is confused.

Kavya along with Rajveer and Varun come out of the room when Palki asks where was she all this time, Varun places his hand around the shoulder of kavya which makes Palki nervous, Kavya asks what is he doing when Varun replies he has the license to at least place his hand, Rajveer immediately says that the brother has the problem but after that explains he is just kidding, Palki says that she was wondering because he leaves after holding the hand of Shanaya and has a problem with it, Palki leaves telling Kavya that she is going to place the petals, Rajveer stops her questioning what is going on with her as he cannot understand it, Rajveer sees Shanaya with Shaurya so leaves to go to her, Palki explains that Rajveer changes whenever he sees Shanaya, she thinks of going after them.

Rajveer goes to Shanaya asking her to come with him when Shaurya says that they both are talking so he must wait, Shaurya asks what did Shanaya mean by it, Shanaya says that she prefers boys like Rajveer who are clever and even caring, as they say that he is the one always breaks the Handi, Shaurya replies but this time it is not going to be the same since he is the one who always breaks the Handi, Rajveer replies however he is still going to be the one to break it, Shaurya and Rajveer both vow to see who breaks the Handi.

Shristhi gets worried wondering if Shambu has died, Mohit replies that they had just checked his pulse so he would be alive, Gurpreet questions why are they talking like this since she is getting scared, Shristhi tells her that Shambu is just unconscious, Gurpreet plans to wake him up but they get scared after hearing the knock on the door, Shristhi thinks that it might be the police when Gurpreet goes to hide, Mohit offers to take care of everything but Shristhi also sends him inside, Preeta asks her to quickly open the door when Shristhi calls everyone, Nidhi is pushed into the house by Preeta, Shristhi says that she is glad Preeta even brought Nidhi here as now both Shambu and Nidhi are present here, Preeta explains that Nidhi is going to confess everything saying why did Nidhi hire Shambu to kill her with the accident, Preeta asks why is he unconscious when Shristhi replies they have already tried to wake him up but he is not responding, Preeta throws an entire bottle of water on him so he wakes up.

Bani Dadi asks everyone to stay in the house till tomorrow since there is going to be a competition between two Hero’s, Karan says there is just one hero in this house which is him, Bani Dadi tells there are two more players meaning Shaurya and Rajveer and they both desire to break the Handi, so the way is on, Rakhi explains it is not good but Karan says why is this not good a when there is a challenge then the people find the meaning to life so he is really glad with the idea, Karina asks Karan if he does not remember the problems between them both and such a competition might cause a war to erupt, Bani Dadi says she is glad that children are taking interest in the rituals, Rakhi also agrees as the modern children never take interests in the festivals, Bani Dadi mentions they must enjoy and she has even thought of a gift while she is in the team of Shaurya, Rakhi gets shocked asking what do they mean by team, kavya replies when there are two people then there would be teams, Karan also decides to go in the team of Rajveer but Rishab asks him to stay neutral otherwise his son would get angry with him, Karan does not want to agree to it but is forced by everyone, they start singing the song together.

Shambu once again gets unconscious seeing which Preeta gets worried and asks if he had said anything, Mohit tries to mimic his expression when Shristhi hits him so he even asks Gurpreet to calm down since he is unconscious, Preeta questions what have they done to him that he is so unconscious, Shristhi explains that when he tried to run from her she hit him in the back of the head with a plate but then he got unconscious, Preeta is shocked wondering if he went to the Luthra Mansion, Mohit and Gurpreet tell that she had kept a close eye on him but he managed to run from them. Preeta says it is nothing to be worried about as they would wait for him to wake up and talk with Nidhi, Shristhi gets worried thinking what if Nidhi says something that Preeta does not remember, Nidhi tries to threaten them by saying that she would make sure they get trapped in a case because they have kidnapped her and even the criminal, Preeta asks if she is scared or trying to scare them, Shristhi requests Preeta di to come with her into the room, Preeta says they have brought Nidhi here so she can herself tell her what has she done that Nidhi has become such a big enemy of her, Preeta questions what is the secret that she is hiding from her and not telling them, Nidhi is really worried, Preeta says either is is from her past or relating to the future, Preeta questions if she is her enemy or competitor so why does she want to kill her, Shristhi forces Preeta into the room saying she wants to talk to her, Nidhi thinks she has gotten trapped in a very big problem and needs to run away otherwise she would not be able to do anything, Nidhi requests them for a favor.

Daljeet comes to greet Rakhi who asks her to wait but Daljeet explains they must leave since it has gotten very late, Daljeet says she felt very nice when Rakhi invited her for the festival as she has even celebrated it before but never like this, and feels she has some relation with this house when Rakhi explains that both her beautiful daughters work in their house and Palki not just cares for Dadi but has become like their family member so they indeed have formed a relation with her, Mahesh asks Rakhi if she would keep talking like this when they have to prepare for the competition which is tomorrow, Shaurya comes saying that he is going to break the Handi and win, Rajveer says he must first let the competition end when Shaurya replies they are not weak and he is confident that he is going to win, Rajveer angrily starts staring Shaurya.

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