Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 26th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Vibhuti Opens his Printing Press

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 26th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Tiwari asks Angoori if everything ready? Angoori says, yes. Tiwari asks if the dinner she prepared is delicious? Angoori replies that she doesn’t like whenever he doubts her cooking skills. Tiwari laughs. CA and Kuku Kedia shows up and Tiwari welcomes them. Angoori greets them and leaves to get the dinner ready. The CA introduces Tiwari to Kedia. Tiwari greets him. Tiwari asks Kedia that what type of business does he operate. Kedia asks him, first. Tiwari tells him that he sells inner wears and more than 30 percent of Kanpur wears his brand. Kedia gets impressed and tells him that he operates with moving things, which can help Tiwari’s business. Tiwari gets ecstatic. Angoori comes back to inform that the food is ready. The CA gets excited to have dinner. Kedia asks if they should have some drinks before dinner. Tiwari gets shocked.

Everyone has gathered for the inauguration of Vibhu’s printing press. Vibhu takes David blessings. David says that if a person is honest, everyone starts to dislike him, and same might happen to him too. Anu asks David that why is he being so negative? David says, he doesn’t even know. Everyone congratulates Vibhu and asks him for their own good cause. Vibhu says that only honest people can work with him. Tiwari shows up and asks Vibhu that when did he become honest? Vibhu says that he’s always been the same. Tiwari and Vibhu starts arguing. Angoori calms them down and congratulates Vibhu. Vibhu introduces everyone to his new printing press “Kalam ki Kataar”. Vibhu says that every criminal and goon will be scared of him, and promises that he will be there for help, whenever they want. Teeka asks Vibhu if there’s going be a comic section in his newspaper?

Teeka and Tillu are helping Tiwari shift his boxes. Tiwari asks that who’s going to drive the vehicle? Teeka says that he will drive and Tillu will keep an eye on him. Tiwari gets a call and leaves.

Angoori is peeling the vegetables. Vibhu shows up dressed as journalist. Angoori asks if he’s here to interview her? Vibhu says, why not, he will take an interview. Vibhu sets up his phone camera and asks Angoori about her views on G20 summit. Angoori misunderstands and tells him story about her animal friend Sumit. Now, Vibhu asks her views on India’s economy. Angoori again tells some story. Vibhu now again asks Angoori about love. Angoori says that jobless people do love. Vibhu asks Angoori, what would she do if she finds Tiwari with another woman. Angoori says that she will call Ammaji and she would hit him with a wooden baton. Vibhu says that she should have divorced Tiwari, and start loving her neighbour, just to make him jealous. Angoori says that she isn’t that type of woman. Vibhu ends the interview by taking some pictures.

Teeka and Tillu are packing Tiwari’s stuff in a vehicle to deliver. Kedia shows up and they both greets him. Kedia gives them 500 rupees and they both get emotional. Kedia hugs them. Teeka and Tillu say that they can see their father in him. Kedia says that he can also see his son in them. Kedia says that he also got a son and he always delivers food to him, but his knee is aching, but still has to deliver it. Teeka and Tillu takes the package and leaves. Kedia has planed something.

Vibhu gets a call from Ghissu Lal ‘s manager. Vibhu asks if Ghissu is still with that other lady? But the phone hangs up. Vibhu calls David. David shows up and asks Vibhu if he got any new news? Vibhu takes out a pen-drive. David asks about the news. Vibhu whispers and tells him that news he’s going to publish next. David gets ecstatic.

Teeka, Tillu and Prem are sitting at the tea stall. Prem reads Vibhu news paper and gets shocked to read that he wrote about MasterJi’s evil side. Teeka and Tillu also get shocked.

Precap: None

Update Credit to: Tanaya


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