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Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 26th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Kunal fires Vandu

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 26th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Pammi coming to Vandu’s house and instructing the men to renovate the house. Vijay asks her to leave. She argues. She says Kunal will come and throw you out of the house. Vijay and Aaji get sad. Kunal talks to the investors. The man says we will invest in Kanak records, but I have a small condition. Kunal says get ahead. The man says I want my daughter Naina to record the first album. Kunal asks do you sing, that’s so nice. Naina says yes, music is my passion. The man says she is a very good singer. Kunal says okay so, studio setup is here, we will try it now. Naina asks what, now? She says yes. The man says go, kill it. Naina goes with Vandana.

Naina goes to sing. She asks Vandana to move away. She gets pics clicked. The man wishes her all he best. Naina says thanks, I m so excited, I m recording for the first time. Bobby asks what. Kunal thinks to seal the deal. Naina signs. Bobby holds him. The man praises his daughter. Kunal says yes, she is amazing.

Vandana gets upset. She says studio mic is sensitive, sing in low tone. Naina asks what, how dare you. She goes out and complains to her dad. She says I know how to use the mic, she is giving me Gyaan, I m done with this. The man scolds Kunal. Kunal says Naina is a star material, just ignore Vandana. He says we will record it whenever you want. Naina says I m done with this. They leave. Kunal goes and shouts on Vandana. She says that girl will bring loss for you, I m just giving her a tip, sorry. He scolds Vandana and fires her. She begs him and says don’t fire me. He asks her to leave. She says I have to beg him and convince him. She comes home crying and sees her family. She turns and wipes her tears. She says I m fine. Vijay says I didn’t teach you to lie, tell me the truth. Aaji asks did you tell you anything. Vandu says no, I won’t get time to make Bappa idol, but don’t worry, I will manage. Vandana thinks to make some preparations. Kunal sits angry and says I need the investment from Mr. Jamani, Vandana ruined it. Bobby says sorry, but Vandu’s voice and singing, its better than Naina’s.

Kunal says I have to focus on investment. Bobby says I know I m telling the truth, Vandana did that for company’s betterment, she commented on Naina to give tips for her good, it will be good for us. Vandu packs some food and grains. She cries and says Kunal can oust us again. She sees something and runs. Kunal is inside the studio. Vandu sees the fire in the switch box, spreading to the studio. She runs to put it off. Kunal says this smell, maybe its coming from outside. Vandu uses a fire extinguisher. Vijay and everyone ask her to come out. Kunal sees the smoke and runs out. He sees Vandu. She asks him to stay there.

Pammi creates a problem. Kunal says Bappa won’t go anywhere. He protects the pandal. Kunal and Bobby dance. Vandu looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena


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