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Agnisakshi 25th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Rajnandini plans to throw Jeevika out

Agnisakshi 25th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Rajnandini asking Jeevika to say how she remembered her when she has lost her memory. Narayan says yes, she had met Rajnandini before her accident. Rajnandini asks if Satvik told you about me or have shown my photo. Satvik says exactly, I showed our wedding album and then Jeevika asked who is this pretty lady, and then I said that she is my bhabhi. Rajnandini thanks him for the complement and asks him not to lie much, and says Jeevika is pretty herself, why she will call me pretty, I am not that pretty. She says sorry to Jeevika as she was not here, and says there was no day when I didn’t pray to God for you. She asks Utkarsh, if he is fine? Utkarsh turns his face. Jeevika thinks why Dada behaves this way with Vahini.

Jeevika searches for her phone. Satvik says it is here and says he will not give it for free. Jeevika asks what do you need and says I will give you tea. Satvik says I don’t need it. Jeevika asks if you want Poha, your wallet etc. He says I don’t need anything and asks her to come near. Jeevika says my hearing is good. Satvik says I need a kiss. Jeevika asks no. He says I will not go to office, until I get kiss. Jeevika says you are like a child. Satvik says until I get my kiss, I will not go to office. Jeevika kisses on his cheeks and asks if he is happy. Satvik asks her to keep her husband happy and says all your wishes will come true. He goes out while Jeevika tries to stop him. Shlok and Aadhya see him and start teasing that they didn’t know that he is so romantic. Jeevika comes there. Satvik tells that she doesn’t listen. Jeevika wipes lipstick mark from his cheeks. Satvik goes.

Shlok is talking to Swara and tells that he wants to see her soft side, her face. Juhi comes there and asks with him she is talking to? Shlok says my room is not dharmshala that anyone will come here without knocking and to whom I am talking, why I shall tell you. Juhi says how rude. He says you also talk to others like this. Juhi comes to Rajnandini and says Shlok talked to me rudely and says who talks to his would be wife like this. Rajnandini taunts her. Juhi asks where did she go? Rajnandini scolds her for her doings. She says if I had known that you are so dumb then I would have thrown you in the garbage. Juhi says I am a human, and tells that Jeevika is better than her, she cares for me and respects me. Rajnandini scolds her and says Jeevika is acting to be good and feigning memory loss.

Utkarsh is talking on phone. Jeevika comes there and asks why you are not talking to Rajnandini. She asks with whom you was talking on phone and whom you are searching. She asks him to take her help or Satvik’s help. Utkarsh says I will tell you, but not now.

Juhi asks Rajnandini, how she can be so sure. Rajnandini says she heard Satvik and Jeevika’s conversation. A fb is shown. Juhi asks Rajnandini why Satvik is supporting her. Rajnandini says he is a fool and Jeevika’s plan will backfire, and I will light the fire myself.

Shlok comes to Satvik and says I want to tell you something. Satvik says yes. Shlok says I…and hesitates. Satvik asks if you have broken someone’s head. Shlok says I stopped fighting. He says I and…..Satvik asks if it is love matter? Shlok says I came to tell you that I love Swara and she also loves me. Satvik smiles.

Shlok says bhaiyya. Satvik asks if you loves Jeevika’s Swara, or your Swara. He says your knok jhok, I should have guessed it before. He says it is so good, I will tell Jeevika. Shlok says Bhabhi is having memory loss now, we shall give time to her and then I will give her this news. Satvik says our sasural will be one. Shlok says don’t tell anyone.

Rajnandini comes to Narayan and gives him prasad. She gives prasad to Jeevika and Satvik. Jeevika asks why you are happy. Satvik says whenever I eat prasad, I get happy. Rajnandini says I hope your children carry forward this habit of yours. Satvik and Jeevika gets sad. Rajnandini says I got this puja done for Jeevika’s baby and tells her that Baba wishes to have a grand child, and says I hope you fulfill baba’s wish soon, for what you both have got married. Narayan says everyone’s ears are waiting to hear this. Jeevika tells Satvik that we shall tell everyone. Satvik nods his head. Rajnandini is in her room and tells that she can bring anyone here and can throw her out too. She says tomorrow, it will be best day of Jeevika’s life and says she will not be bahu of the house, and Satvik can’t come to save her. She says Jeevika will be sad to be alive today.

Precap: Lata Mausi accuses Jeevika and tells that she has betrayed us and she can’t become a mother. Rajnandini pushes her out of the house, when Satvik comes and holds Jeevika.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


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