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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Abhi saves Akshu

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Prashant pointing the gun at Akshu. She pushes him. She sends Abhir inside the room and locks the door. Prashant says open the door. She says never. Abhir says uncle has gun, open the door. Abhi comes there. Rohan asks him to rush, Akshu is at gun point. Mahima sees Abhi. He asks are you fine. She says yes. He says open the door for the police. Prashant says Abhi loves his son, he should know the pain of losing the one he loves the most. Abhir prays. Manish and Aarohi open the door. The people run outside. Akshu thinks I will lie for Abhir’s sake. She says Abhi loves me the most because I m his wife. Abhi comes and looks on. She says you want to give pain to Abhi, then kill me. Prashant says good bye, Mrs. Abhimanyu Birla. Abhi comes in between and says I m here, don’t do anything to my family. Prashant says I thought you don’t love your family. Abhi says you are doing this for your son, right. Prashant scolds him. Abhi says trust me, I know our family is our responsibility, I can understand your helplessness, we want to do everything for a son, but this is not right, person doesn’t understand right and wrong in anger, I m a doctor, I m the MD of this hospital, I promise, I will try my best to make your son fine. Prashant says lie, I will not spare you all. Abhi says when your son gets conscious, you won’t be there, how will he feel. Anand opens the door for the police. Abhi says think about it, why are you punishing your son, decision taken in anger makes you regret. Mahima shows the way to the police.

Abhi says trust me, I don’t want you to regret, every father wants to show he is strong and become a good role model, think. He says trust me, I m a father, I promise, I will not let anything happen to your son. Police comes there. Inspector scolds Prashant. Prashant says liar, you lied to me. Abhi covers Akshu. Prashant shoots. Akshu sees Abhi and is shocked. Inspector takes the gun from Prashant’s hand. A board falls. Akshu is relieved seeing Abhi fine. She opens the door. Abhir comes out. He hugs them. They leave. Manjiri says let us go inside, my son is inside. Mahima asks Rohan did you see Parth. He says no. Abhi, Akshu and Abhir come out. Manjiri hugs Abhi and Akshu. Dadi hugs Akshu. Manish hugs Abhir and asks are you fine. Manjiri says I had prayed, I will light 101 diya in the temple. Dadi says yes, I will make sweets for chadava. Mahima says I m so proud of Abhir, he is brave. Akshu says you are our courage, thanks for saving Abhir. She hugs Mahima. Abhi stops the inspector. He says Prashant is already getting punished, no need of more punishment, leave him. Kairav asks what, this man tried to kill you three. Abhi says he did this for his son’s sake, we will not file any case on him, he needs the right advice, not punishment, let him stay here for a few days, he will get treated in psychiatric dept. Inspector scolds Prashant. Prashant says sorry and thanks. Abhi says say thanks to me when I fulfill my promise and your son gets fine. Abhi treats Prashant’s son. He says its good news, he is fine. Prashant thanks him and apologizes. Abhi says you can meet your son after sometime. Mahima asks what did you do that the boy responded, what was the problem. Abhi says Parth.

They go home. Abhi scolds Parth. He says you risked the patients lives for some money. Parth says I didn’t know cylinders are expired. They argue. Anand slaps Parth. He asks will you kill people for money. He scolds Parth. Aarohi says Parth did a crime, we will file a FIR against him, we won’t support him, we will bear the loss, Abhi saved Prashant’s son, Prashant is silent now, any other patient’s parent won’t be silent. Shefali also scolds Parth. Parth says money is imp, one earns respect by money, I already asked for my share. Manjiri asks him to take his share and end this matter. Abhi warns Parth of Mahadev’s punishment. He asks Parth to get out of the house. Parth asks will you make me out, you are hospital’s MD, not this house’s boss. Mahima comes and asks Parth to get out. She says I m the boss in the hospital and Manjiri is the boss here, Manjiri and I make you out of the house and hospital, just leave, wait for the police, I have covered your many mistakes, I can’t tolerate this, I don’t want your shadow to fall over Shivu. Shefali passes Parth’s bag. Parth says you are making me out because of Abhi, one day, you will need me because of Abhi. Abhi shuts the door.

Abhir comes to Akshu and says you are thinking of docman, right, I was scared and I thought you will also become a star like Papa, docman saved you. Akshu goes away. Manish asks are you running away from truth or your son, he also knows the truth, you also know it, Abhi is the best for you. Suwarna says I also believe this now, you and Abhir were alone, Abhi reached you and protected you. Kairav says Abhi can fill the life partner’s place in your life, he deserves you. Muskaan worries.

Akshu says Abhimanyu, we should get married. He is shocked. Everyone sings badhai ho badhai and dances. Muskaan says I can’t tolerate this relation.

Update Credit to: Amena


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