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Yeh Hai Chahatein 25th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Kashvi takes a stand for Mahima

Yeh Hai Chahatein 25th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Mohit’s mother tells Dadi that Mahima shall get virginity test done, to prove her purity. Romila says it is an old matter. Mohit’s mother says it is old matter, but the girl is same, and says the girl who can leave Arjun, can do anything, can have affairs with many men. She says she don’t want characterless girl to marry her son. Kashvi takes a stand for Mahima and tells Mohit’s mother that she is shocked with her demand. She asks if your son had affair with someone, then would you asked him to get the test done. Mohit’s mother tells that my son is very sanskari, and has good values. Kashvi tells Mohit that even he shall get the test done. Mohit’s mother says you are crossing your limits. Kashvi says you are insulting my sister in my house, and says Mahi told everything to Mohit and the latter said that he accepts mahima though she has some flaws. She tells that it is said right that a woman is a woman’s enemy and says you can break the marriage, but my sister will not get any virginity test done. Mohit’s mother asks him to say something. Mohit says I will not end my relation with mahima and she don’t need to get any test done. He says he will marry her. Mohit’s mother challenge him to marry Mahima and goes from there. Mohit apologizes to everyone. Arjun asks him to go and convince her mother. Dadi cries. Kashvi asks her not to cry. Dadi says Mahima has to leave from the house, else she will come between Kashvi and Arjun. She thinks she has to get this alliance fixed.

Dadi meets Mohit’s mother and tells her that Mahima is pure and she has not done anything and apologizes to her on Kashvi’s behalf. Mohit’s mother says I will let this marriage happen, if you give me 20 lakhs Rs. She says this matter shall be between us, and says if you don’t want to give then I will get the marriage cancelled. Dadi says I will give you money, but let this marriage happen.

Arjun comes to Kashvi and asks why she didn’t come for breakfast. Kashvi says she is not hungry. Arjun asks why? Kashvi says Maa got suspended due to me, and that’s why I am feeling bad and don’t know how to face her, and says she might be feeling pain and hurt. Arjun says she is Arjun Bajwa’s mother and says nothing will happen. Nitya comes there and acts sweet. She says I can’t have hatred for anyone, and says I feel that we both are right in our own way. She says yesterday I vent out my anger on you, after the panel meeting and said so much to you, I am sorry. She asks them to come and have breakfast. Arjun says I love you Mom. He says Mom is fine. Kashvi thinks if mom is really not upset and thinks how she can be normal with me, as job means a lot to her. She goes to have food and sits with everyone. Romila says now sangeet function can happen.

Peon comes there and asks Kashvi to come to office. Kashvi says she is on leave. Peon says your leave is cancelled. Kashvi and Arjun check the paper and get shocked. Arjun tells that the terrorist Mirchi Langda are being transferred from one jail to another, and Kashvi is given the assignment to transfer him. Nitya asks Arjun not to react this way and don’t make her weak, and asks him to support Kashvi. She says it is Kashvi’s duty and asks her not to get weak, and asks her to take decision from mind. Mahima says today is my sangeet. Kashvi says she will come by evening. Arjun doesn’t feel good and goes behind Kashvi. Nitya smiles.

Kashvi asks Arjun if he has seen her hand bag. Arjun says no and tells that he is very scared and can’t send her for the dangerous assignment. Kashvi assures him that she will take care of herself. Arjun hugs her and says I love you, and can’t tell my feelings to you now. She says I am scared and is not getting good feelings about this assignment. He hugs her. Kashvi thinks even she is scared and thinks she don’t want to separate with him, when the things are getting better between each other. She hopes that he falls in love with her. Dadi comes there and asks her to drop her to temple. Kashvi says ok. Arjun gives her purse and says he hid it with Bijli’s help. Kashvi hugs him and goes.

Precap: The Inspector asks Kashvi to be careful as Mirchi Langda is a dangerous terrorist. Kashvi drops Dadi to temple. Dadi feels apologetic. Later constables find Mirchi Langda’s condition deteriorating and stop the van. Kashvi opens the van door and Mirchi Langda aims gun at her.

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