Shiv Shakti (Zee) 25th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Shiv promises to expose Ranjan

Shiv Shakti (Zee) 25th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Shiv asks Ranjan to leave as the haldi is done, Ranjan says you should leave first, you must have to go to the hospital. Shiv says yes but if you need any treatment then come to me. Dadi asks when is the mehndi? Manorama says tomorrow 5 PM, I invite you all to come. Dadi says sure. Shiv asks Ranjan to leave as he seems beaten a little. Ranjan glares at him, he thinks I won’t spare Shiv, he is fuming in anger and leaves with his family. Ragunath says we should leave now.

Shiv is leaving the house and tells Shakti that I will find out about Ranjan. She says thank you. He says no sorry and thank you between us as you are my special friend now. She smiles at him. Keertan sees them talking and is angry. Dadi asks Shiv to come. He says bye and goes to Dadi. Shakti smiles and says I still take him as more than a friend.. I wish I could have asked for more but he even snatched my right of saying sorry and thank you. She stares at him and recalls their moments together. Mandira sees her staring at him and then Rimjhim staring at Keertan. She thinks at least I can use my son. Mandira goes to Rimjhim and says I want to bless you. Shakti looks on. Rimjhim touches her feet, Mandira says congrats, everyone is happy today except my son.. Keertan is wiping his tears. Mandira says he didn’t want to come but I brought him here.. like he loved someone and couldn’t marry her. She says we should leave now. She takes Keertan from there. Chacha asks Shakti to bring sweets for them. She gives it to Mandira. Mandira whispers to her that this marriage will destroy your family. Shakti says I am not scared of your threats.. I promise to not let you hurt my family and my friend Shiv.. you can try anything you want. Shiv comes out of the car and asks what’s going on? He says I forgot my phone. Shakti says I will help you, they both go inside. Manorama sees Rimjhim sadly looking at Keertan.

Shakti and Shiv are looking for his phone. Shiv is hiding his phone in his hands only. Shakti says how can you forget your phone? I think your memory is weak.. Shiv gets triggered and recalls the incident. Shakti says are you hiding something from me? I feel like you have a bad memory. Shiv starts shaking. Manorama hides and sees all that. Shakti sees phone in his hands and asks if his brain stopped working? Shiv says this is a serious matter, you shouldn’t talk about brain and memory like this. Shakti says you can’t remember where you met Ranjan before that’s why I joked, I am sorry. Shiv says don’t say sorry, I told you not do it. Shakti says I hurt you so I had to apologize. Shiv thinks if she finds the truth about me then she wouldn’t even look at my face. Shakti asks him to not worry if he can’t remember Ranjan. Shiv says don’t worry.. I will remember soon. Manorama comes there and says your family is waiting for you. Shakti asks him to leave, he says don’t wait for me.. I will come before time. He hugs Manorama and leaves. Shakti laughs.

Manorama brings Shakti to the room and says you are being shameless. I told you to stay away from him but you are sticking with him. Shakti says what did I do wrong? he just takes me as a friend.

Mandira calls someone and orders something, she says I want to kill someone. Shiv comes there and asks who? Mandira is shocked.
The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba


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