Keh Doon Tumhein 25th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Dadi ousts Kirti

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The Episode starts with Yadav showing the file of the missing girls. Neha defends Shreyas. Shreyas asks why would I kill Anjali. Sudhakar says this file doesn’t prove anything, do you have any other proof. Yadav says yes, why will I show it to you, Shreyas passed today, don’t frame him, he can’t do this. He says I got some proof, so I took action. She asks what evidence. Yadav jokes and says Kirti gave this file to us, don’t know what friendship she has with Anjali, she got Shreyas arrested. The family comes home. Kirti gets Puru from school. Puru says I m feeling sleepy. He goes. Kirti sees everyone staring at her. Dadi scolds Kirti for getting Shreyas arrested. Kirti asks where is Shreyas. Dadi says he is in jail, why did you give that file to police. Kirti says I didn’t know its Shreyas’ file, I treat him like my own brother. Dadi gets angry. Kirti says I got that file and thought there is some connection with the murderer. Dadi asks Madhuri not to take Kirti’s side. She scolds Madhuri. Vikrant looks on and thinks I can’t see your tears, but its imp else I will give you my shoulder and become your support. He puts a spy mic in the flower pot. Yadav jokes on Shreyas. Shreyas says I had kept the pics for research. Yadav asks Garud to take Shreyas for DNA test. Dadi doesn’t listen to Kirti. Vikrant sends Kirti out. He consoles Dadi. He says I came here to congratulate Shreyas, why did Kirti go to the police, you gave her so much love. Dadi says yes, she proved that she is an outsider. Vikrant says I will go now. He goes to Kirti. He holds her. She hugs him and cries. He says I will always stand by you. She gets away. She says I was so stupid, I asked everyone about the file, I should have checked cctv footage once and know about Shreyas. He turns and smiles. He says I felt one thing bad, the family should have not spoken that way, they insulted you, anyway, I m there, Shreyas will come back home, I will get him. She says please, shall I come along. He nods. She thanks him. They come to the police station. Shreyas says many girls went missing, Anjali’s case isn’t the first one. Vikrant gets worried. He says this case will get dragging if you give such statements, you can’t be so sure. Shreyas says check my file, where is it. Yadav says its here, come.

Shreyas says the girls got missing. Kirti says so you took forensics books. Shreyas explains to the police. Vikrant recalls Saloni. He recalls killing the girls. Kirti asks where did you find Anju’s pic. Shreyas says I got it in her diary, a man is standing in it, it’s a torn pic, his shoulder is seen, I feel maybe this man trapped her in love and murdered her, I wish we reach that murderer. Vikrant sees the pic. He looks at Shreyas angrily. He says Shreyas is investigation on his level, its not a crime, let him go now. Shreyas says maybe the missing girls also got murdered. Kirti says then that murderer is roaming free, is there any more info. Vikrant says forget it. She says no, its about our safety and justice to Anju. Yadav says let us do our work.

Kirti says we should go home. Yadav says I will keep this pic. Vikrant thanks him and they leave. They come home. Dadi cries and hugs Shreyas. Madhuri thanks Vikrant. He says Kirti fought like a lioness to save her brother, I didn’t do anything. They see Kirti. Kirti thanks Vikrant. He smiles. She goes.

He thinks I got Shreyas, but how shall I stop this investigation. Kirti sees her bags packed. Dadi asks her to leave the house. She scolds her for sending Shreyas to jail.
Kirti goes to Vikrant’s house. They have coffee. She says I know your self respect got hurt, find a place for yourself and Puru. He says Kirti is special, she will become a part of my life soon.

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