Keh Doon Tumhein 24th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Kirti informs Vikrant about the file

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The Episode starts with Kirti asking did you see Sarkar. Peon says he left an hour ago. She calls Vikrant. Vikrant makes the coffee and says I m making it bitter, so we have to talk sweet, Kirti ji. The staff man asks why are you in tension. Kirti says I got this file, Anju’s pic is also there. He asks who are the other girls. She says the girls who went missing, this is connected to the school. He says no one took these cases seriously till now. She calls Sarkar. She says no answer. He asks shall we talk to principal Sir. She says don’t know. He asks what will you do now.

Shreyas and Puru come home. Puru says I will have pizza in lunch. Madhuri says I made kheer for you. Puru says I will eat it with pizza. Shreyas checks the bag and says I forgot the file in the library. Neha asks are you fine. He says I forgot my imp thing in the library. She says ask Kirti to get it. He says good idea. She goes. He says no, Anjali’s pic is there in the file, if she sees it, then what will I answer her.

He says Aai, I will come in 5 mins. Kirti goes to Yadav and shows the file. She says someone is with him, the pic is torn to hide identity. Garud says she is right. She says I think he is connected to our school. Yadav says yes, we will go to school and find out. She thinks who can it be in the school. Shreyas comes to the school and says open the gate for 2mins. Guard says come tomorrow, school got closed, just go. Shreyas leaves. He comes home and worries. Dadi asks him to pass with first division. Sudhakar says one more earner will come home. Dadi says I earn, not you. He says yes, you and him. Neha asks where is Kirti. Shreyas says I forgot to say, she went to meet Sarkar. Vikrant makes the things ready.

He says I m cheating a bit, date isn’t possible in front of people. He checks his phone. He opens the door and sees Kirti. She says I need to talk something imp. They sit outside. He asks what was in that file. She says the pics and newspaper cuttings of the missing girls, Anju’s pic was also there, her BF pic was also there, someone had torn it to hide his identity, he was wearing white shirt. He asks what did Anjali wear in it. She says red top. He recalls the pic. She asks why did you ask. He says my mind isn’t working. He starts lying.

She says what’s Anju’s pic doing in that file, maybe some big crime is happening in Panchghati. He asks was there any other girl’s name. She says yes, Suhani Mehta. He recalls Suhani. He says you should have come to me before going to police, I m sorry, I mean police comes to school for investigation, kids are my responsibility, they lose attention in studies. She says sorry, I went to see you, I called you also, you didn’t answer.

He says sorry. She says its okay, whose file can it be. He says I don’t know, police will investigate. She says I don’t trust them. He says I will call Yadav. She thanks him and goes. He worries and shuts the door. He calls Yadav. He sees the coffee. He gets angry and kicks the table. Its morning, Sudhakar asks Shreyas to have breakfast and go. Puru gets ready for school. Shreyas says I will go to drop you to school. Sudhakar says its your result today. Kirti says yes, you go. She leaves with Puru. At school, Principal says you should have informed me before going to police. Kirti says sorry, I went to Sarkar. Librarian says keep your personal connection with Vikrant to yourself. Vikrant comes. Kirti says librarian fell and got hurt, so I didn’t trouble him. Principal says I wasn’t hurt, you could have come to me. Vikrant comes and lies. He says she told me about it. He argues with the librarian. Kirti thanks him. She thinks why is he ready to help me, am I giving him any wrong hint, does he like me, no, this can’t happen. He asks do you doubt anyone, except Vinod, maybe I m wrong, people aren’t as they are seen, don’t worry, police will do its work. She thanks him and goes.

Sudhakar gives sweets to Shreyas. Dadi asks Shreyas to take Bappa blessings. Madhuri says congrats Shreyas. Neha also comes and says he passed by our blessings, he didn’t study hard. Shreyas and Neha fight. Yadav comes with Garud. Sudhakar and Madhuri praise Shreyas. Yadav says Shreyas is under arrest for Anjali’s murder charges. They are shocked.

Kirti asks where is Shreyas. Dadi scolds her. She says Shreyas is in jail because of you. Kirti cries and hugs Vikrant. He says I will always be there for you.

Update Credit to: Amena


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