‘Troll 2’ in the Works at Netflix: Everything We Know

troll 2 coming soon to netfix

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Released in December 2022, Troll has become one of Netflix’s biggest non-English movies of all time, and now we’ve learned that the teases at the end of the first film were not in vain. We’re getting a sequel to the Norweigen movie Troll on Netflix.

Directed by Roar Uthaug, the disaster fantasy movie takes pages from Norwegian folklore and explores what happens after a troll is awakened after being freed from the mountains.

Variety broke the news of the sequel order on September 19th, 2023, stating that director Uthaug would return to direct the sequel with writer Espen Aukan and producers Espen Horn and Kristian Strand Sinkerud also boarded.

Roar Uthaug Troll Director

Director Roar Uthaug will return to direct the sequel

They state that production will begin in 2024, suggesting a late 2024 or, more likely, a 2025 Netflix release date is possible at the earliest.

The movie isn’t problemed by the ongoing Hollywood strikes given it’s a local production to Norway. Motion Blur is the production company behind the movie.

Shortly after the release of Troll in December 2022, the director and producers teased to us that more could be on the cards. The producers told us they “have ambitions to make a sequel and perhaps two sequels, but it all depends on how the audience are responding to [the film].”

When pressed, they said, “This has been a great collaboration with Roar and Netflix and we’d love to do it again.”

The return of the movie should be no surprise as even at the time of publishing, it remains Netflix’s biggest non-English language movie in its history. On both the newer 91-day metric and the older 28-day metric, the movie is the most watched in terms of raw viewing hours:

  • In the first 91-days, Troll had 178.600M watch hours (that translates to 103M completed viewing equivalents)
  • In the older first 28-day metric, Troll had 155M global hours watched.

What will happen in Troll 2 on Netflix?

After an adventure across Norway, the military and the scientists finally realized that the Trolls are vulnerable to direct sunlight. After making a “troll trap,” they lure him with the skull of a troll baby into an open space. While they decide not to kill the troll with their equipment, the rising sun ends up killing him anyway.

Just before the credits, something appears to begin emerging with a roar from the rubble inside the Dovre mountain cave. Is it the slain Trolls family or something bigger? Andreas and Nora did speculate that more trolls could still be alive deep inside Norway’s mountains. Thankfully, we’re going to get to find out.

Are you looking forward to Troll 2? Let us know down below.


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