Suhaagan 23rd September 2023 Written Episode Update: Bindiya returns the divorce papers

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The Episode starts with Krish telling that anyone can be fooled seeing this innocence. Bindiya asks what do you want to say? Krish says I want to give you this gift. Bindiya is about to take it. Krish says I will give this gift to you, infront of everyone and calls her Mrs. Suhaagan. He says lets go inside and open this special gift, first you..and asks her to come inside. Bindiya goes inside and then Krish. Krish calls everyone and says all the family members shall listen. Indu comes there and hugs him. She asks if you are fine. Krish says I am fine and asks her to focus on Ms. Suhaagan’s special gift. Indu says you shall punish her, and rather than that you are giving her gift. Krish says yes, I want to gift her. Payal thinks why did he bring gift for her. Vikram says he is the husband of two wives and feels pity on him. Krish asks Bindiya to open the box and says it doesn’t have bomb in it. Sakshi asks what is in it. Vikram asks her to have patience. Bindiya opens the box slowly. Sakshi says it has something interesting in it. Krish asks bindiya to open it. Bindiya finds the file in it.

Krish asks her to open it too. Bindiya asks what is it? Krish says I had forgotten that you are illiterate, less educated and asks her to sign, says it is divorce papers. Bindiya gets shocked and gets teary eyes. Payal smiles. He says I left from home, so that I can throw you out from here forever. He asks her to sign and leave from his life and home for forever. Baldev sits in shock. Krish thinks he is acting again and tells that he will not let anyone take his life’s decisions. He says I will decide, whom I will refuse and whom I will throw out. He says I can’t stay with Bindiya and that’s why you have to leave, and tells that even Papa can’t help you, as he can’t lie more after being exposed of fake heart attack. He smiles and asks her to sign and leave, as her tears will not melt anyone’s heart. Bindiya goes to Baldev. Baldev says forgive me, I am your guilty, and says forgive your guilty babu ji. He says it is all my mistake, but you are getting punished. He says I couldn’t fulfill my promise (made to her Dadi). Bindiya says don’t apologize to me babu ji, as it is not your mistake, but it is my destiny’s mistake. She says whatever Ram wants will happen. She gets up and goes to Krish, recalls their marriage.

She keeps the papers and ties the file as it was. She then keeps it in the box again, and puts all the decoration papers in it, like it was. She then ties the box with the ribbon. She says Baba used to say that don’t take costly gift from someone, which you can’t return, and says I can’t take this gift and its price is my Suhaag. She asks Krish to take it. Krish hits the box to throw it. He says it is enough of your drama of suhaag and suhaagan, and I will end this drama today itself. He goes to her room and packs her stuff.

Precap: Indu asks Payal to prove that she deserves to be Krish’s wife. Bindiya says when Pallu is getting a chance then I shall get too.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


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