Shiv Shakti (Zee) 24th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Shakti becomes Shiv’s friend

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Scene 1
Shakti tells Shiv to come to her room to talk. She takes him from there. Mandira is in Shakti’s room with Ranjan. She says you couldn’t even separate Shiv and Shakti, you both are useless. They hear someone coming and Mandira panics. Shakti is about to go in the room but Manorama comes there and asks what are you both doing? Shiv says I am talking to Shakti, she tells him to stop this drama, she tells Shakti that she is doing wrong. Shiv stands in front of her and says silence is worst than what she is doing.. sometimes we have to do small mistakes to stop a big sin. You will thank me later. Manorama says should I thank you for destroying our reputation or destroying Rimjhim’s life? Shiv says we will save her life. Chacha calls Manorama so she leaves. Shakti asks Shiv why he keeps fighting with her? come inside. They both come in the room but no one is there. She locks the door and asks why is he doing this? Shiv says because you don’t feel safe around Ranjan. Shakti says my protection is not your duty.. Shiv says it is.. your dreams and protection are my duties. Shakti says why? Shiv says you didn’t accept my friendship but you are part of my clan.. I had special people in my life like Dadi but you are now special to me and I take care of my special people. Shakti smiles at him. He says no one can stop me being around you.. I will fight with your Chachi and fight Ranjan too. Shakti says you said everything but lets do what you have been trying to do.. she asks if he will become her friend? Shiv smiles and shakes her hand. He hugs her and they both smile. Shakti thinks is this friendship or something else? she hugs him tightly and recalls their moments together. She recalls Manorama’s words that their status is way low than Shiv so she shouldn’t get her heart broken. Shakti says this relationship will be just friendship. Shiv asks what she means? Shakti says it means we don’t have to make it special, friendship is itself special, this relationship doesn’t need any other destination. He says you are right and our first hurdle is stopping Rimjhim’s wedding and exposing Ranjan. Shakti says how will we do that? Shiv says if we are together then we will figure out anything, they both leave. Mandira, Ranjan and his brother come out of the cupboard. Ranjan’s brother says we have to do something big against them. Mandira threatens them to not spoil anything else for her, she will not let them break Rimjhim and Ranjan’s wedding. Dadi comes there and asks Mandira why is she talking to Ranjan? Mandira says I was just telling them if they need anything then let her know. Dadi says yes, Rimjhim is like our daughter. She says lets go home.

Mandira comes to the lounge and sees Shiv-Shakti smiling at each other. Ranjan says they keep staring at each other. Chacha thanks Ragunath for coming. Dadi says we should leave now. She asks Shiv to come.. he is talking with guests and says give me sometime. Rimjhim stands besides Keertan. Ranjan sees Shakti and goes behind her. Shakti panics seeing him but Shiv stands inbetween them and glares at Ranjan. He smiles at Shakti and asks what he wants? Ranjan says I want to talk to Shakti, I want to apologize to her. Shiv says just stay away from her otherwise you have seen the trailer of what I can do with you. Dadi asks Shiv to come.. Shiv says sure.. he asks Ranjan to leave as haldi is done. Ranjan says he can leave first, Shiv says you should go as its bettter for you. Ragunath asks what’s going on? Shiv says they are guests so we should wait till they leave.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba


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