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Pandya Store 23rd September 2023 Written Episode Update: Amba’s wicked plan

Pandya Store 23rd September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Natasha and Dhawal competing and climbing to break the dahi handi. Dolly cheers for Natasha. Amba says just say Dhawal’s name. Pranali says Natasha is amazing, she is doing this in reality, I m no courage when I m educated, my family is not my courage, but my weakness. Dhawal falls down. Amba says careful. Natasha and everyone worry. The lady taunts Suman that Natasha is breaking the handi. She says Mittu and Shesh are useless. Chiku looks on. Mittu says Natasha is also a Pandya. Suman says she is a Makhwana now. Suman scolds the lady and asks her to leave. She says Natasha will win, both the families will win.

The lady says Chiku and Chutki were raised together, Gautam and Dhara adopted him, he left and you didn’t search for him, because he was adopted, you did partiality with him. Suman says fine, I did partiality, he isn’t my blood, I m happy with my grandchildren, go now. She cries. Chiku gets sad. Suman says I m fine.

A lady taunts Amba and Amrish. She says you are keeping your family and culture at stake just for a store. Amba says I can’t let Natasha win, I will do something. The man asks Urmi to take the flowers basket and shower it on the winning group. Urmi says your fav Natasha is there. Amba calls Urmi. Chiku recalls Suman’s words. Amba says you study in Dhawal’s college right, he praises you a lot, Natasha is also your friend, right. Urmi says no, she isn’t my friend. Amba asks are you upset with her. She complains about Natasha.

Chiku gets the petrol from the bike. Amba says if you are ready to help me, then we can solve our problems. Urmi asks what help. Amba gives her a scissor and says come with me. Chiku goes to burn the Pandya store. He throws the petrol on the store door. He lights a matchstick. Amrish stops him and asks what are you doing. Chiku says I m burning the Pandya store. Dhawal and Natasha reach the handis. Chiku says you said you want to break the Pandya store, then you changed your colours in front of your bahu. Amrish says you just know I have to break Pandya store to make a mall here, I know you will help me. Chiku says fine, what’s my benefit. Amrish says you will get happiness, peace and I will make you my project supervisor, what else do you want. They shake hands. Dolly says Natasha, break the handi. Natasha and Dhawal take the coconuts in their hands. Dhawal drops the coconut down. Natasha smiles and breaks the handi. Everyone claps.

Dhawal hits his head and breaks the matki. Natasha is getting down. Dhawal looks on. Natasha dances. He calls her out and asks are you sure. She says come down and talk I won. Urmi has the scissors in her hand. She goes to Natasha and hugs her. She cuts Natasha’s tshirt. Amba does a drama and says Natasha’s clothes got torn. Dhawal and everyone are shocked.

Dhawals jump down and runs to Natasha. He holds Natasha. Amba says this was her last dahi handi, remember that, I will teach her our house rules.
Amba scolds Natasha for ruining their respect. Natasha says I don’t see my mistake, your thinking is narrow, if this happened with your daughter then what would you do.

Update Credit to: Amena


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