Neerja 24th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Protima accepts the truth

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Neerja asking Protima to admit she’s a nurse and deny all the rumors about her. Protima avoids eye contact. Neerja pleads with Protima not to lie, as it would shake her faith in God. Neerja holds up a nurse’s uniform and asks Protima if she wore it to work. She questions Protima, “Are you a nurse?”

Protima admits it’s a lie. Neerja feels relieved, thinking the accusations against Protima are false. However, Protima corrects Neerja, confessing that she lied. She’s not a nurse but part of a brothel, shocking Neerja.

Neerja sits down, tears rolling down her cheeks, haunted by Bijoy and Didun’s words. Protima explains that she lied to protect Neerja. Neerja asks if Protima was also forced. Protima says no. Neerja can’t look her mother in the eyes anymore, feeling her pride as Protima’s daughter shattered. She bursts into tears, asking Protima why she hid the truth.

Protima tries to explain, but Neerja refuses to listen, fearing more lies. She recalls when Protima got marked with the Sonagachi symbol, realizing it only hurt her body that day, while Protima hurt her soul by hiding the truth. Neerja says Protima broke her trust. She mentions seeing Protima in a red saree in her childhood, calling her a liar, a fact she didn’t know until today. She questions how Protima learned to lie. Protima says lying seemed easier than revealing the truth to Neerja. Neerja leaves, refusing to listen.

Protima cries, remembering Neerja from childhood to now. She recalls Neerja’s words and collapses in tears. Meanwhile, Abeer asks Satark about the video of Neerja in Trisha’s saree and the manager calling her his wife. Kaushik suggests asking Bijoy, the only one who knows Neerja’s true identity and origin. Neerja walks the streets, seeing Protima in a saree as a s*x worker, struggling with reality. She realizes it’s a hallucination.

In jail, Protima laments that Neerja never tried to understand why she lied. She confesses she lied to protect Neerja. She dressed as a pr*stitute every night to keep Neerja away from Sonagachi and Didun, to free her from that life. She remembers Neerja’s questions, regrets Neerja didn’t hear her out, cries hard, and says her hands, heart, and life are empty now. She decides not to let Neerja be ashamed of her truth and promises to free Neerja from that burden. She won’t let Neerja suffer because of her truth.

Pre cap: Neerja talks to her childhood self, little Neerja tells her how Protima knew that this is not a good place and fought with everyone to give Neerja the right upbringing.
Shabbo Rabu informs Didun that Protima has attempted suicide.
Shyamli blames Didun for Protima’s condition.

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