Meet 24th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Sumeet fails to see Shlok.

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Sumeet breathes a sigh of relief when she hears Shlok’s voice on the phone. She believes he’s safe and not in jail, so she turns away from the prison gate. Bilawal, on the other hand, believes Sumeet may have discovered her husband’s whereabouts and decides to tail her. He believes they initially planned to trap Sumeet, but now they can capture both her and her alleged spy husband.

Sumeet arrives at the Ganesh Chaturthi event and hears Shlok performing. Her face lights up with joy, and she rushes towards him. Shlok, equally thrilled, comes towards her and lifts her in a warm embrace. However, this beautiful moment turns out to be Sumeet’s daydream. She realizes that she must not make the mistake of revealing Shlok’s identity in public and resolves to free him from Bilawal’s clutches. She tries to stay hidden from Bilawal while Shlok, feeling Sumeet’s presence, looks around but misses spotting her.

The band members pay Shlok, and he plans to give the money to Kafur to facilitate his return to India. Shlok spots Bilawal and wrongly assumes that he has heard him sing the Ganesh Vandana and discovers the truth.

Bilawal tails Sumeet, thinking she might be talking to Shlok, but she is actually receiving prasad from a priest. Sumeet expresses her gratitude to Lord Ganesha for bringing her closer to Shlok and hopes to meet him soon. Bilawal inquires with a constable about the information he requested, and they prepare for a raid. He intends to take revenge on Sumeet’s husband, believing she has caused them significant trouble.

Sumeet becomes emotional, convinced that the singer was indeed her Shlok, yet she couldn’t even catch a glimpse of him. She notices modak (sweet dumplings) near Ganesh’s idol, and her bandmate informs her that the singer was missing his wife. Sumeet eats the modak, and her bandmate realizes that the singer was none other than Shlok, Sumeet’s husband. She hands Sumeet a piece of paper that fell from Shlok’s pocket. Sumeet is filled with hope, believing Shlok is nearby and safe, and she assumes Akki must be fine as well.

Rajiv feels powerless and blames himself for not being able to do anything for Sumeet and Shlok. He vents his frustration on Anju and asks her to stay away from him. Poonam scolds Rajiv for mistreating Anju.

Pankhuri sees Priyanka arriving home in tears. Priyanka regrets her decision to marry Raj and attempts to remove her engagement ring to return it to Raj. However, Raj enters the scene and comforts Priyanka. He tells her that he loves her the way she is and that she doesn’t need to change herself for him.

Shlok secretly places a letter in Naaz’s purse, explaining the entire truth. He informs Akki that they will depart for Delhi tonight, ahead of everyone else returning. Sumeet reaches the address she found in Shlok’s pocket and is shocked to discover that it’s Bilawal’s house. She spots shoes that she believes belong to Shlok and Akki and rings the doorbell of the house.

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Update Credit to: Tanaya


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