Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 24th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Yashwant Demands Shantanu And Isha’s Divorce

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 24th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Shantanu tells Yashwant that he tried to explain Ishan a lot, he is his son. Yashwant ways then it’s time to do something for him. Isha asks him to be specific. Yashwant asks them to sign divorce papers. Shantanu says he is repeating same thing. Yashwant says he has to, everything was fine until Isha returned in Shantanu’s life and then things worsened, Ishan would feel that at least his baba would return to him and he has nothing to do with that woman. Shantanu says Ishan is his son and he will explain him. Yashwant gets adamant in lieu of Ishan. Shantanu says he doesn’t have to divorce Isha to get Ishan out of depression, they don’t fulfill child’s illegal demands and instead try to correct the child.

Yashwant says his life is ruined since Isha came into his life and asks Isha if she doesn’t want to divorce Shantanu for her benefit. Isha says she can see who is more interested in divorcing them, she never wanted to divorce Shantanu and will not listen to Ishan or Yashwant, she will divorce Shatanu only if Shantanu wants. Yashwant walks away yelling that Ishan’s parents are not worried about him, he will not talk to Shantanu until he divorces Isha and returns home. Shikha and Asmita get out of their hiding and walk away. Isha confronts Shantanu that his family always insult her directly and over phone, but he just stands silently; she will sign the papers right now and end this issue. Shantanu snatches papers from her.

Savi recalls Ishan refusing to allot her hostel room and thinks why he hates her so much. She thinks she can’t stay in creep Kiran’s house and should shift to hostel at any cost. Kiran walks to kitchen and drinks water staring at her. She looks at the knife on the table. He walks away. She relaxes. Shantanu tears divorce papers. Isha asks what is he doing. Shantanu say she is clearing his stance; he loved only her in life and will love only her till his last breath, she can return to Ramtek and never meet or call him in life. Isha asks what about Ishan. Shantanu says he will explain Ishan and calm him down. He tries to hold her her hands. She backs her hands and excuses herself. Prateek watches Ghum Hai Kiiskey Pyar Mein serial’s romantic scene with Ishan. Ishan switches of TV and says romantic scenes remind him of Riva. He then describes how much he hates Savi and says he will make sure that she gets out of his life soon.

Next day, Savi prepares methi laddus for Harini and tells her that she has fixed diet and exercise chart for on a fridge, she should follow it diligently. Harini asks why she is leaving, who will take care of her. Savi says she will visit her often and leaves for college. Shantanu walks into board room. Yashwant asks what is he doing here. Shantanu says Nishi message that there is a board meeting today. Yashwant says meeting is finished. Ishan says he doesn’t have time for them and came here as it’s a meeting about his dear one Savi. Board members walk in followed by Savi. Yashwant says they reject Savi’s hostel room application. Savi asks reason. Yashwant ways they don’t want to discuss. Savi demands to know. Shatanu says Savi has right to know. Ishan says Savi is characterless. Savi is shocked and asks who said that, they should question her dear ones regarding her character. Ishan says her brother-in-law Kiran alleged her that she tried to molest him when her sister was not at home. Savi stands more shocked.

Precap: Savi asks Yashwant to sign her hostel form. Kiran accuses her of trying to s*xually abuse him and asks Yashwant not to let her stay in his hostel. Yashwant asks Ishan if he wants to say something. A police officer walks in and tells Ishan that he has to talk to him first before saying anything to Savi.

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