Yeh Hai Chahatein 23rd September 2023 Written Episode Update: Kashvi’s testimony makes Nitya’s suspended

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Kashvi comes to the dining table. Mahima says finally Mohit learnt the dance steps, and says I hope he doesn’t do any mistake. Ricky asks if it was dance steps and shows how he was dancing. Mahima says he dance this way only. Door bell rings. Arjun opens the door. The Commissioner comes there with Police Inspector and Constable. Nitya says Sir, you have come here, you have asked me to come. The Commissioner tells her that the complaint is registered against her for the murder. Nitya gets shocked and asks whose murder? The Inspector says boy Golu’s mother had registered the case against you, and she said that you are responsible for her son’s death. Nitya says I am on duty and if something happens to anyone then how can you blame me, I was following the protocol and couldn’t risk the delegates lives. She says I was doing my job and was following the rules. Commissioner says I agree, but the matter has reached higher authority and an enquiry team is set, and the boy’s mother said witness’s name too, who is with her. Nitya asks what is the witness name? Commissioner says she took Kashvi bajwa’s name. Arjun and Kashvi are shocked. Nitya looks at her angrily. Commissioner says if Kashvi doesn’t give statement against you and support you infront of committee then you will not be punished. He goes.

Nitya threatens Kashvi and says I will not let any stupid woman ruin my career. Kashvi is shocked. Mahima smiles. Nitya asks why you are silent. Arjun asks her to calm down. Nitya says nobody can ruin my career. Jagdish asks Arjun to take her to room and says I will talk to Kashvi. He asks Kashvi to tell what happened exactly. Kashvi says that day when delegates and VIPs were coming for the submit. She tells everything and a fb is shown. She asks him to tell where I am wrong. Jagdish says I know Nitya has done wrong, but she was doing her duty. He asks her to do her duty as a bahu and says if you take a wrong decision then her career will be ruined. He says Nitya’s career is important to her, and asks her not to give statement against Nitya, and says I am sure that you will not let anything wrong happen with our home and Nitya. He requests her not to give statement against Nitya. Kashvi is shocked. She comes to Dadi and cries. Dadi says this is her agnipariksha. Kashvi says I don’t know what to do, that boy’s mother has lost her son due to Maa. Dadi tells that Nayan was like you, and tells about an instance when Nayan helped a customer against Romila and Keval’s wish, and they were about to break relation with her. She says you are her daughter and shall walk on the right path, but be sure that you are ready.

The Servant gives tea to everyone at the dining table. Nitya sips the tea and shouts at him badly. Jagdish asks her to calm down and come, as they have to leave. Kashvi comes there. Nitya warns her asking her to keep her mouth shut there, and says she has made her career with much hardwork and has given so many sacrifices. She says I am warning, don’t think of ruining it for a stranger, and says don’t forget that I am your husband’s mother and your saas and it is your duty to save me. Romila says Kashvi will not go against you and asks her to have curd and sugar, and says everything will be fine. Nitya goes from there.

Infront of the Committee, Nitya tells that she was doing her duty and says if anything had happened with our dignatories or VIP’s of our country then our country’s respect would have been ruined. She says I am feeling bad that a family has lost their son. She says I am sorry, but I couldn’t do anything then. She says during war, many soldiers sacrifice their lives for the nation and I did the same, why fingers are raised on me. The committee member asks Kashvi to testify about the case. Nitya thinks Kashvi will not give statement against me, as Arjun and her relation can break fully. Kashvi says yes, it was Nitya Maam’s mistake and says if she had allowed auto to go from the direct way, then he would have got treatment on time, but she didn’t do this and the treatment was delayed, the doctor couldn’t saved him. She says I feel that Nitya Maam is responsible. Nitya asks who is she to blame me, and says she is a trainee. She says I am working for 20 years and I have experience.

Kashvi says I am not experienced like her, and I am just a trainee, and tells that the auto can be let go from the way, as the convoy was about to come after 2-4 minutes, but she had ordered to move the auto from the way and the helpless parents were pleading infront of everyone, but nobody helped her. She says that’s why I took them in my car, and the Doctor said that if they had brought him 15 mins back then she would have stopped his bleeding and could save him. She says that’s why yes, Nitya Maam is responsible as she didn’t let them go. Nitya asks what is the guarantee that the boy would have been saved if taken there 15 mins before. Kashvi says there is no guarantee for anything in life, it is in our hands to try. Nitya asks where is written in our protocol book, what we shall do. Kashvi says if she had shown some humanity and motherly love, then Golu must be alive and with us. Nitya says now you will tell me what to do and what not to, and says many kids must have died that time. The committee officer asks we are not here to discuss all that, and says a boy is dead because of your wrong decision and your punishment is that, you are temporarily suspended. Nitya is shocked and says this is not fair, and says I am honest officer and due to this girl, my career can’t be ruined. The committee member says a special committee will be set and they will do the full enquiry and till then you are temporarily suspended with effect from now itself. Kashvi and Nitya come out.

Jagdish asks what happened? Nitya asks Kashvi what do you think by giving statement against me. She says you are nothing, it is my mistake to regard you as my daughter. Kashvi says I regard you as my mother and would have done the same thing if Maa was on your place. Nitya asks her not to be egoistic and not to lower others. Kashvi says it is my values given by my mother and asks her to walk on the right path and says whatever happened with the family was wrong. Nitya says you have to suffer for what you have done. She raises her hand to slap her, but Arjun comes and holds her hand. Kashvi cries.

Precap: Nitya tells Arjun that Kashvi has taken out enmity on her and got her suspended. Mohit;s mother asks Dadi to prove that Mahima is a virgin and for that she shall get virginity test done. Mahima is shocked. Nitya asks Arjun to take revenge from Kashvi and asks him to throw her out from the house. Arjun looks at Kashvi.

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