Shiv Shakti (Zee) 23rd September 2023 Written Episode Update: Shiv promises to protect Shakti from Ranjan

Shiv Shakti (Zee) 23rd September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Shakti tells Manorama that Ranjan did touch her inapproperiately. Manorama says enough.. if Ranjan doesn’t marry Rimjhim then no one will. They hear dhol playing and go out to see. Shiv enters the event with a dhol and starts dancing. All are confused. Shiv tries to pull Shakti but Manorama stops him. Shiv asks Manorama to dance and whispers to be happy otherwise people will find out I beat up Ranjan badly. He pulls Shakti and whispers to dance. Manorama asks her to dance. They both dance with Shiv. Ranjan is confused seeing all that. Shiv whispers to Manorama that I didn’t go because Shakti feels unsafe with Ranjan and I have to protect her. Manorama says I am her mother and I always protected her, I will do it now also. Shiv says I know a mother can protect her daughter the best but you are protecting her like a chachi today that’s why you are failing in protecting her. That’s why Lord sent me. Manorama shouts at him to get lost, she pushes him and he falls in Ragunath’s arms as they enter the house. All are shocked seeing them. Mandira and Keertan come there too. Ranjan is scared that Ragunath might recognize him. Nandu asks Shiv if he is okay? Dadi asks Manorama what’s going on? Manorama greets her, Dadi asks why did you push Shiv away? Mandira smirks and thinks we came on the right time. Shiv asks Manorama to tell why did she is push him? tell them the truth. He says I will tell the truth.. Manorama wasn’t throwing me out of the house, she was sending me home, she was asking me to eat but I didn’t so she was sending me home so I could eat there, she loves me a lot. Dadi smiles and says she cares for Shiv like she part of our family. Shiv says you are right.. we are a family now. I will eat something now. Chacha greets them and thanks them for coming. Ragunath says we thought to be a part of Rimjhim’s functions. They all go inside. Ragunath stops Shakti and she greets him. Dadi blesses her. Padma whispers to Mandira that your plan keeps flopping. She is angry and looks at Ranjan hiding. She hints to come to a room.

Mandira slaps Ranjan and says I told you to separate Shiv and Shakti but what did you do? you could have called me and told me to not come here.. you got beaten up rightly. Ranjan says you want me beaten? Ranjan’s brother says we did as you said.. Ranjan got beaten up badly but we didn’t say anything. We created a big scene, Manorama and Shiv had a fight, he was leaving but then he came back for some reason. Mandira says Shakti’s power brought him back.

All family members start haldi ceremony. Ragunath tells Ranjan’s father that Rimjhim is like our daughter so make sure she is happy with you. Ranjan’s mother says she is like our daughter too. Manorama sees Rimjhim sadly looking at Keertan. Dharam smiles seeing Koyal. Rimjhim greets Dadi, Dadi asks why isn’t she happy? Rimjhim says I am just tired. Dadi says you are a bride so be chirpy. Shakti goes to bring refreshments, Shiv goes behind her. Dadi tells Ragunath that he is following her around like a fool.

Shiv comes to Shakti, she asks what are you doing here? He says I have to protect you like a body guard so I will be around. Shakti says what? Shiv says you don’t feel safe around Ranjan so its my duty to protect you. Shakti calls Dharam and asks him to take refreshments, he takes it. Shakti asks Shiv to come with her.

Mandira is talking with Ranjan in Shakti’s room. Shakti and Shiv are going there. Mandira hears someone coming and gets scared.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba


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