Shiv Shakti (Zee) 21st September 2023 Written Episode Update: Manorama thinks Shiv & Shakti were intimate in the room

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Scene 1
Shiv is beating up Ranjan and shouts how dare you touch my Shakti? he beats him up badly. Shakti thinks I have to stop him before he does anything too bad. She tries to stop him and asks him to calm down. Manorama is going to Shakti’s room. Ranjan falls down outside the door, his brother asks him to hide from Manorama. Shakti is trying to stop Shiv but he says no.. whoever tries to touch my Shakti will be punished like this. Manorama is going to Shakti’s room but Ranjan’s mother calls her for dancing. She is about to go but hears Shakti calling out to Shiv. Inside the room, Shakti stops Shiv and says please stop for me. Ranjan pushes Shiv and he falls down on Shakti.. they both fall down on the bed. Manorama comes there and sees them on the bed. She is shocked and shouts Shakti. Shiv moves away from Shakti. Ranjan’s brother says what’s happening here? Shakti says its not like that.

Mandira calls the family and says we should take fruits to the priest’s house. Dadi says you were saying we shouldn’t go there. Mandira says I thought about your words and if Lord wants Shiv and Shakti together then why should we stop it? I think we should go there and try to unite them because Shiv is a fool and would never realize that Shakti is made for him. Keertan shouts what? Mandira says its good that Shakti enters Shiv’s life soon. She glares at him. Ragunath says then why delay? he asks Nandu to get fruits and sweets. They all prepare to leave. Padma is confused. Mandira says we will go to separate Shiv and Shakti.

Ranjan tells Manorama that when I entered the room, I caught Shiv and Shakti very close.. I tried to stop them but then Shiv started beating me up badly. Shiv says he is lying, he is a jerk. Ranjan’s brother says I saw them very close together, they had their affair going on but I was silent. Your daughter is so shameless that she is having her marriage night when her elder sister’s haldi is going on. Shiv tries to attack him but Manorama stops him.

Keertan asks Mandira what is she doing? she wants to separate Shiv and Shakti or not? Mandira says I am taking the family there so they can see that Shakti is going to break Shiv, she is not going to complete him. They think Shakti can bring the old Shiv back but when they see Shiv’s angry avatar today then they will realize that Shakti is going to bring more darkness in his life, they are going to throw Shakti out of his life themselves. Keertan says are you sure? Mandira says yes, my plan is solid.

Mandira tells Shiv to stop it. Shakti says they are lying. Manorama says what about what I saw? my eyes can’t lie. I can see you both staring at each other in front of everyone so I can expect what you both do behind closed doors. I saw you both close so many times. She tells Shiv that I thought you are a good man, that any mother can choose you for her daughter but you made a fool out of me. Shiv says you are thinking wrongly. Manorama says enough.. everyone told me that Shakti isn’t mine, she can never be my daughter but I didn’t listen.. I raised Shakti as my daughter but she proved today that she was never my real daughter. Shakti cries and says please don’t say that. Manorama says if you were my daughter then you wouldn’t be in bed with him.. you can never be my daughter. Shakti cries and says you are my mother, please don’t listen to them. Manorama says you are not my daughter.. I have only one daughter and that’s Rimjhim. Shakti says please trust me. Manorama says I trusted you even when the scandal was going on, I trusted you every time but I can’t trust you today when I saw you in his arms.. I can’t trust you anymore. You proved that blood is above love, I loved you like a daughter but you broke my family. You destroyed everything because of this Shiv. People were right when they taunted you.. you can cross your limits in the house then you can do anything.. Shiv shouts enough.. don’t you say a word against Shakti. Manorama says you.. Shiv says enough, don’t you know her? anyone can be wrong but your Shakti can’t be. Do you even know what you are saying? you don’t even know the truth. Manorama says then tell me the truth. Shiv says the truth is that Shakti isn’t at fault, when I came here, I saw this Ranjan trying to molest her so I beat him up badly.. He tried to touch our Shakti badly. Manorama is shocked and looks on. She recalls many times Ranjan tried to touch Shakti. Ranjan’s brother says he is lying, he beat up Ranjan because he tried to stop their marriage night. Everyone knows about their scandal but we still accepted Rimjhim.. see what Shiv did with Ranjan, I think we should break off this marriage. Shiv shouts we will break off this marriage, Rimjhim won’t marry this useless man. Manorama shouts at him to not take her daughter’s life decisions. Ranjan’s brother says we will go out and tell everyone about their affair. Manorama looks on.

Precap: Shiv says to Manorama, I thought you are a wise lady and love both the daughters equally but today you showed you only love your daughter not your niece. Shakti says please don’t come in between this is our family matter. Shiv says to her I was trying to be your friend but a person who is unable to take a stand for herself I can’t be her friend.

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