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Shiv Shakti (Colors) 22nd September 2023 Written Episode Update: Himavan’s Request To Parvati

Shiv Shakti (Colors) 22nd September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Shiv telling that even he is waiting to see the power within Parvati. Himavan walks in and requests him to marry Parvati as she is completely lost in his thoughts. Nandi asks why did he come here as he was trying to get Parvati married to Vindhya kumar even after knowing that Parvati loves Mahadev and wants to marry her. Narayan asks Nandi to calm down and says Mahadev’s devotees as naive like him. Mahadev warns Nandi to behave with the guest in Kailash and asks him to drop Himavan back to his place. He walks away from there. Narayan stops im and says an arrogant king had come earlier with a wrong motto, but today Himavan came with a pure heart with his daughter’s alliance, so he should accept Parvati. Mahadev says Parvati has to reach him after proving her competence and power.

Narayan says Parvati already experienced her Adhishakti avatar in her heart. Mahadev says Parvati has to clear a stringent test via penance and sacrifice. Narayan asks when will the universe watch Shiv and Parvati’s unity. Mahadev says he doesn’t know if they will unite, Shiv and Parvati’s story may be incomplete like Shiv and Sati’s story, and if their story completes, he will marry Parvati for sure. He walks away. Himavan asks Narayan what shall he do. Narayan says only Shiv can answer him. Himavan says Tarakasur will try his evil tricks to get Parvati.

Dheeti asks Tarakasur when will his asur come. Tarakasur asks her to have some patience. Invisible Kambasur points sword at Dheeti. Tarakasur warns him to dare not threat asur mother as he is not so powerful to face him. Kambasur apologizes Dheeti and appears in front of her, he says he gone to get a boon. Tarakasur says he wants to kill him for frightening asur mother, but he will spare him as he needs a help from him. He orders him to go and kidnap Parvati and bring her here. Kambasur leaves. Tarakasur says Parvati will be in front of him in a few minutes.

Parvati looks at the sky and asks Shiv if it’s her mistake that she wanted to get him, she is his devotee and wants him to show her a direction. Talika walks to her and says she will find a way soon. Parvati hugs her. Talika says she can’t think well until she is in this palace and hence she should come out with her. Parvati asks what about Mainavati. Talika says they will get out of the palace secretly. She takes Parvati to a jungle. Parvati looks at a water fall and recalls spending time there with Shiv. Talika asks what happened. Parvati says she feels she knows this place. Shiv notices Kambasur heading towards Parvati and stands angrily.

Shiv tells they get diverted from their task if they concentrate on other’s task, so they should mind their own business first.

Precap: Shiv protects Parvati from Kambasur.
Narad says Taalika brought Parvati to this place and protect her, so this place will be called Hartalika ghat.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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Update Credit to: H Hasan


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