Pyar Ke Saat Vachan Dharampatni 22nd September 2023 Written Episode Update: Malhar comes to Pratiksha’s house

Pyar Ke Saat Vachan Dharampatni 22nd September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Pratiksha says I am so lucky to have you. Dadi comes and says I’ve been saying that from day 1. They get shy. Dadi says everyone is waiting for you. You both are doing romance here. Ravi says I can’t go. Dadi says it’s so important for Mandip. How can you not go. Ravi says but Pratiksha slipped. I can’t leave her alone. Pratiksha says don’t worry. I will be fine. You go. Ravi says promise me you’d rest. She says okay. Dadi says take care. They leave. Pratiksha tries to stop. Kaviya also leaves. Pratiksha stops her. Ravi tells downstairs Pratiksha won’t eb able to come. She slipped. Dolly says kaviya isn’t in her room. Arti says she was in Pratiksha’s room. I saw her going there. Ravi realizes Kaviya did that. He says let me get her.

Pratiksha says I saw you Kaviya. Come inside. Kaviya says you want sympathy? Pratiksha says you were listening in? Kaviya says I don’t need you. Pratiksha says I know what you’re doing. Kaviya says I will kick you out in 24 hours. Pratiksha says you spilled the oil there. You thought you’d go there as Ravi’s wife? Kaviya says unfortunately you can’t do anything. Pratiksha says I saw you listening in but I didn’t stop you. I wanted you to see. Kaviya says what magic have you done on Ravi? She says love’s magic. You will never know that. We’re married. Why can’t you see each other happy? We’re made for each other. It was meant to be. God made our couple. This is was our sign. I am Ravi’s wife. It was our destiney. No one can part us. You blackmailed Ravi into marrying you. Still he’s not yours. Don’t dare to come between us again. You can’t change destiney. Ravi is mine. Kaviya says nice lecture. If this is true then why is there nothing between you two? Your relationship is incomplete. Pratiksha says we are taking ourr time. There’s love and that’s enough. You better stay away from my husband.

Ravi comes there. He says Kaviya your mom is calling you. He asks Pratiksha to take care. Pratiksha falls. Ravi picks her, he takes her to the bed. Kaviya makes their video and sends it to Malhar. Ravi says rest till I come back. Pratiksha says you matter so much to me. I am so lucky to have you.

Scene 2
Malhar says they’re gonee. I will make Pratiksha mine. I will get her back into my life.
Mandip and family come to her friend’s place. They welcome the family. Manvi says Ravi and Kaviya are husband and wife now. She congratulates them. Kaivya asks Dolly to take her photo with Ravi. Ravi doesn’t like it. Biji says she’s not Ravi’s wife or our DIL. Kaviya sends the video to Pratiksha. Kinjal calls Pratiksha. Bell rings. Pratiksha goes out. Pratiksha goes to the gate. She opens, it’s Malhar. Kaviya calls him and says take her with you. Pratiksha says what are you doing here?

Episode ends

Precap: Pratiksha says to Ravi that you heard everyone but didn’t listen to my truth. Ravi says you have insulted me enough. Pratiksha says I will prove my innocence.

Update Credit to: Atiba


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