No One Will Save You Ending Explained: What Really Happened to Brynn?

Brynn’s insular bubble is popped one night when aliens invade the town and her home. She manages to kill one of them, and embarks on a quest for help. When she goes to the police she runs into Maude’s parents, and Maude’s mother spits in her face. It is clear that whatever past she had with Maude ended badly, so it seems odd that she’s still cheerfully writing her best friend letters.

In an effort to escape the nightmare of the alien invasion, Brynn also tries to leave town on a bus, but some of the other passengers reveal themselves to be possessed by alien creatures who want to capture Brynn, and she has to fight them off and run home. On her way back to the house, she stops by a graveyard, and we see Maude’s gravestone in full view. Something bad did indeed happen to Maude.

How Did Maude Die?

When the aliens finally manage to put one of their parasites inside Brynn, her mind is transported to a kind of heavenly place where she sees Maude again and apologizes to her (the only lines of dialogue spoken in the film) but when she reaches down her throat and pulls the creature out, Maude is gone.

At the end of No One Will Save You Brynn is finally captured and mind-probed by the aliens aboard one of their spacecrafts. Her memories reveal that she and Maude had an argument in the woods when they were 12 years old, and Brynn angrily grabbed a rock and struck Maude in the head with it. Maude died, and her parents were devastated. As Maude’s father was the town’s police captain, the circumstances of Maude’s death were likely known by everyone.

There was no ‘life in jail’ for Brynn as she was just a child when the incident occurred, so she continued to live in the town, ensconced in her parents’ old house (a different kind of prison) and falling into an easy fantasy world, where she could still talk to Maude through letters and learn to dance while limiting her contact with townsfolk who simply viewed her as a killer they weren’t interested in forgiving for her crime.

What Really Happens to Brynn at the End?

At one point towards the end of No One Will Save You, a double of Brynn is beamed down from an alien spaceship. The double stabs Brynn in the stomach, but she slices the double’s throat and kills it. The aliens are fascinated by Brynn, seemingly because they haven’t been able to control her, as they have done with the rest of the town.


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