Meet 23rd September 2023 Written Episode Update: Shlok arrives at Pandal to Sing

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Sumeet in a panic state asks a taxi driver to take her to Kot Lakphat prison. He says I won’t go there. Sumeet says I’ll pay you extra. The taxi driver agrees. Sumeet worried about Shlok’s arrest. Tears stream down her face as she prays for Shlok’s safety. Bilawal and his team follow her. Bilawal admits that he’s not easily impressed, but Sumeet’s courage amazes him. He acknowledges her willingness to go to such a dangerous jail for her husband. Bilawal’s men discuss their plan to trap Sumeet, and he eagerly awaits her imprisonment, anticipating her struggle to find her husband. He devises a sinister plan to kill Shlok while Sumeet is locked up in jail.

Meanwhile, Shlok is filled with disappointment. He couldn’t gather the money needed to escape Pakistan. Naaz approaches him with jewellery, including a necklace that belonged to her mother and was meant for her wedding. Zainab playfully teases Naaz about her desire for a perfect wedding, which makes Naaz blush and she runs away. Shlok feels remorseful for the situation when Zainab admires Naaz’s qualities and asks Shlok to take good care of her, urging him not to hurt her feelings. Shlok realizes he can’t continue to deceive an innocent girl like this. He decides that he must somehow gather the 10 lakhs needed to return to India and reunite with his family and Sumeet. While contemplating his options, he notices something in the newspaper.

Back at Raj’s place, Ajay, Raj’s IAS friend, promises to help bring Sumeet, Shlok, and Akki back. Masoom informs him that Raj’s fiancée, Priyanka, is joining them for dinner. Raj is shocked to see Priyanka, who is clearly uncomfortable in her outfit—a one-piece dress and high heels that Pankhuri had insisted she wear. Priyanka accidentally spills water on Ajay’s outfit, which frustrates him. Masoom taunts Priyanka for her actions, making her feel guilty. Priyanka feels guilty and thinks I wish Raj’s friend don’t say not for helping Sumeet and Shlok Sumeet is determined to keep her visit to the jail a secret from Raj. Shlok arrives at the Ganesh Chaturthi festival after seeing the poster calling for a singer.

Meanwhile, Bilawal plans to arrest Sumeet. Shlok understands that he needs to sing to reach Sumeet, so he performs at the festival and chants Ganapati mantra. Sumeet reaches a checkpoint near the jail, seeking permission to see her husband. However, the police deny her entry, and a taxi driver takes her back. She stops the taxi, determined to find a way inside. Bilawal continues to trail Sumeet, waiting for her to break a rule so they can arrest her. He spots her approaching the jail boundary and plans to apprehend her once she crosses it. Sumeet, finding the path narrow, prays to God for assistance. Bilawal intends to alert security once Sumeet enters the restricted area. However, Sumeet receives a call from her bandmate and is pleasantly surprised to hear Shlok’s singing voice, which brings her relief.

Episode ends.

Update Credit to: Tanaya


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