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Keh Doon Tumhein 23rd September 2023 Written Episode Update: Kirti finds Shreyas’ file

Keh Doon Tumhein 23rd September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Kirti waking up. She sees the door open. Vikrant hides and leaves. He goes home and keeps the hair necklace back in the box. Its morning, Kirti talks to Dadi about Neha’s marriage. Dadi says Neha should get married, its her age. Neha says I have become a big influencer and make a big name, I will become Miss Panchghati. Dadi asks do you know making roti. Kirti says Neha is kiddish, just Dadi can give her training, get her married once she cooks well, else she will ruin our family name. She asks Neha to make the family proud. Madhuri smiles. Kirti says marriage has no warranty and guarantee, one needs Mr. perfect in marriage. Dadi says Kirti is very smart, no one can win over her, fine, do what you want. Kirti and Neha smile.

Garuda shows the pit to Yadav. Yadav says what is imp here. Garud says I think this cloth piece is of Ganesh’s shirt. Yadav says you are learning everything from me, call the forensics, we will go. Garud says footprints are also there. Yadav says I was checking your knowledge. At the school, Vikrant comes to his cabin. He sees Kirti and Puru. She says we are waiting for your sign, interview is done. Vikrant says I will do. He goes and signs the admission form. Teacher asks why are you giving admission in your quota, Kirti can get admission, she is working as a librarian. He says rules have changed, now those who have served for a year as staff, their kids will get admission. Vikrant says admission is done. Kirti says no thanks and sorry in friendship, I will send tiffin for your dinner. He says we can have dinner together, but its okay. He thinks you will call me out. She says we will go and have coffee, dinner some other day, you have to tell some good place. He says don’t worry, I know an amazing place, you will get strong coffee. She says it will be bitter. H says coffee is sweet when you have it with friends. He goes to the librarian. The man lies to him. Vikrant asks who got out in first batting. He says I want action mechanisms books. The man goes to get it. He says I kept it there. Vikrant asks the author name. He asks him to do overtime instead giving lift to people. The man says I have everything organized in my library. Vikrant says its my library, I can’t tolerate anyone seeing my things, find the book, else I will find a new librarian. Garud asks whose hut will it be in this jungle, we can find new proof here. Yadav says when I come along, you get something, we will go and see if we get any food. The man looks for the book. He drops the books. Shreyas says careful Sir. The man falls down. Shreyas runs to help. His file falls down the table. Kirti comes. The man taunts her. Shreyas says Sir fell down. The man says women should sit at home and raise kids. She taunts him for falling. She says tell me which book to find, I will get it without falling. He says fine, find this book. Puru asks when will we go and have the pizza. She says I m on duty now. Shreyas says he got admission, you do your work, I will take him to have pizza. He takes his bag and goes. Garud shows the rope and says Ganesh was tied up by ropes, his body had marks. Yadav says send the wine bottles to forensics, it will have finger prints on it. Garud says senior is senior. Yadav smiles.

Vikrant keeps flowers on the table. He thinks of Kirti. He messages her. She gets Shreyas’ file. She checks the newspaper cuttings. She reads about the missing girls. She says whose file is it. She finds Anju’s pic.

Vikrant asks what was there in that file. Kirti says the girls pics, the girls who went missing, Anjali’s pic was also there. Vikrant gets angry. Police comes to arrest Shreyas.

Update Credit to: Amena


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