Double Delight for Anupamaa’s Rupali Ganguly as She Celebrates Ganesh Chaturthi at Home and On Set

Double Delight for Anupamaa’s Rupali Ganguly as She Celebrates Ganesh Chaturthi at Home and On Set

Ganesh Chaturthi brought double the joy for Rupali Ganguly, known for her role in “Anupamaa,” this year. The versatile actress marked the festival with fervor at two different locations: her home and the set of the popular show “Anupamaa.” Rupali graciously shared glimpses of her Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations at her residence on her Instagram.

Rupali lovingly welcomed Lord Ganesha into her home, adorning her place with a charming idol of Bal Ganesh, painted in soothing blue hues. The actress embraced the occasion in a simple yet elegant traditional outfit. In a heartwarming series of pictures, Rupali, along with her brother Vijay Ganguly and her son Rudransh, posed with Bappa, capturing the essence of the festival. She affectionately captioned her post as “Ganguly cha Raja.”

This celebration holds a special place in Rupali’s heart, as she has been observing the tradition of bringing Lord Ganesha home during Ganesh Chaturthi for an impressive 34 years. Rupali shared insights into the preparations, reminiscing about her earlier days when she would personally visit Dadar market late at night to procure flowers and other essentials. She expressed her deep-rooted connection with Marathi culture and highlighted how the rituals have been an integral part of her life.

Moreover, Rupali joyfully revealed that her son, Rudransh, performed the Ganpati Puja for the very first time, expressing his eagerness to participate despite his initial uncertainties. Rupali cherished this beautiful moment as a testament to how time brings about beautiful changes in life.

As she continues to enthrall audiences with her role in “Anupamaa,” Rupali Ganguly’s personal celebrations serve as a heartwarming reflection of tradition and family bonding during this auspicious festival.


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