Anupama 23rd September 2023 Written Episode Update: Malti Devi tries to give justification for her act

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Anuj telling Anupama that this topic and matter shall be ended right now and says it is over. Anupama says you have told what you want to say and asks him to hear her once. She says you are right on your place, and tells that you shall know if she is wrong and if she is wrong to what extent. She asks him to give her a chance and says whatever you have felt and bear, you said right that nobody will understand, but if the child suffers then mother will suffer too, if the child is scared then the mother will be scared too for her child. She says I am not interfering between you both, communication is important in every relation and asks him to give him a chance to say. Anuj says you knows well that I can’t refuse your saying. He asks Pakhi to take Choti Anu inside. Pakhi takes her inside. Anuj asks Malti Devi what storm had come that she has to leave him in the orphanage, even after giving him birth and asks why did you leave me? Malti Devi folds her hands and says I had no helplessness. Baa says Thakur ji, what kind of woman you have made. Malti Devi says I was not helpless, but stubborn, arrogance, dreams, and madness to do something. Vanraj asks her to say truth.

Malti Devi says my story is like any other woman, who used to have dreams, but there is no chance to fulfill it. She says I was born in a small house, but saw big dreams, and I had work hard for it. She says the family doesn’t get happy, if their daughter is competent to do something, then that doesn’t matter to them. She says the family don’t find their daughter suitable to do anything, rather than letting her chasing her dreams, they got her married to a guy, who used to work as clerk in shop and was pretty good. She says he couldn’t understand my dreams, didn’t stop me to pursue my dreams, but didn’t motivate me either to chase it. She says I tried hard to kill my dreams and ambitions, but I couldn’t do it. She says if Man chooses his dreams, then it is ambitious and passionate and if the woman does the same then she is wrong, selfish and black spot on womanhood. She says then I got pregnant, everyone was happy, but now me. I had got a big offer that time, there was two ways for me, one side was my motherly love and other side was my dreams, and I choose mother’s love, I thought I will forget that my dreams are broken due to the happiness of my son’s birth. She says after your birth, I got another big chance to perform abroad.

Guru asks her to think again before taking a decision and says you have done so much tapasya to become an artiste/dancer, what is big for you motherly love or artiste. She says this time I chose to be an artiste, though it was a difficult decision and I cried a lot, but I chose myself and chose my art rather than my son. She says I took my ghungroo and you, and went to Mumbai, from there I have to go to America. She says I dropped you at the Ashram, and left to America. Anuj asks do you want to say anything, or shall I say. He says you want to fulfill your dreams, and I stand by it. He says when my Anu wanted to go to America, I want her to go, and says I don’t know why your husband and family didn’t support you. He says I can just say you sorry as the society didn’t let chase your dreams. He says this is truth that one has to pay a big price to become something, he says you must have to do so much riyaaz and says the price was that I have to live life as an orphan. He says who said that working woman can’t be a mother. He gives example of Jhansi ki Rani and tells that the working women are there in every field and they have kids, and they don’t leave them. He says even villager woman doesn’t leave their child who works in fields. He says due to situation, you have done this mistake, but all these years, you didn’t get a chance to rectify your mistake, and didn’t come to orphanage once if your child is alive or dead. He says even Maya left her daughter in the similar situation, but she returned after 6 years to rectify her mistake, but you didn’t come.

Anupama says Anuj is saying right and says whoever hears will say that you are wrong. She says Anuj always says that a woman shall see dreams and tells that abandoning the child for dreams is wrong. Anuj says I used to look outside the orphanage window and used to wait for my parents to come, and asks didn’t you miss me even once. He says you didn’t come even after 40 years. Malti says she missed him so much, but how she would come and meet him and what to say him. She says she used to miss him a lot, but didn’t come. Anuj says you are right, even I don’t have anything to say you today. He says you had refused to accept me as your son, today I will refuse to accept you as my mother and asks her to leave. Malti Devi says Anuj beta. He asks her not to dare to call him beta even by mistake. He says Anu, you know that I will never go against you, and says if you want to keep your Gurumaa here, then you can do, but if she stays here, then I will not stay here. He goes from there. Malti Devi is about to faint. Anupama and Adhik holds her and makes her sit.

Anuj goes to room and says why did you come here? Baa taunts Malti Devi and says where did your emotions go then when you left your own child. Barkha asks how can mothers be so selfish, what kind of mother you are, Maya, Romil’s mother and you. She says Anuj said right that you could pursue your dreams while carrying your son. She says where was your love, when your son was yearning in orphanage and says you will not get forgiveness. Anupama asks her to stop it. Ankush says Anuj said whatever he wants to say. Barkha says it is essential, she needs to listen. Baa says a mother can’t be selfish. Vanraj says I agree with Anuj. Kavya comes to Anupama and says it is overwhelming for you, but you will be grinded in Mother-Son’s relation. Anupama calls Malti Devi and asks her to come to her room. Choti Anu comes to Anuj and hugs him. He hugs her and cries. Choti Anu says if you want to cry then you can cry, its ok, if you want to cry and vent out your anger, even I did the same when Maya Maa had come.

Precap: Dimpy feels unwell. Kinjal asks if you are fine. Babu ji asks Malti Devi to have tea. Baa gets angry seeing Malti Devi at her house. Anuj tells Anupama that tomorrow is Ganesh Chaturthi and the day is important for me, as you have come to my house for the first time. He says just as Bappa goes, Malti Devi has to go from my life. Anupama thinks what to do.

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