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Shiv Shakti (Colors) 21st September 2023 Written Episode Update: Tarakasur Experiences Parvati’s Adishakti Avatar

Shiv Shakti (Colors) 21st September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Parvati saying that Shiv’s trishul is an epitome of power and this trishul will protect her dignity today. She picks trishul from a shiv temple. Shiv throws his trishul which gets engrasped in parvati’s trishul. Tarakasur falls down in front of Parvati and experiences her adishakti avatar. Shiv asks Narayan if he understood now that he was talking about Parvati’s adishakti avatar. Narayan says he is great. Parvati heads towards Tarakasur to kill him. Asur guru Shukracharya emerges and pleads her to forgive Tarakasur. Parvati says Tarakasur has to pay for his sins. Shukracharya disappears with Tarakasur. Parvati challenges Tarakasur to not run like a coward and face her instead. She recalls her adishakti avar and collapses. Himavan, Mainavati, and Ganga get conscious and go in search of her.

Tarakasur tongue lashes Shukracharya for taking him from there and making asur clan look like a coward. Shukracharya says devi Adhishakti was standing in front of him and he would have been captured and thrown in some jail if he had not brought him from there. Parvati’s family reaches her and wakes her up. Parvati opens eyes. They ask where is evil Tarakasur. Naryan tells gods that Shiv proved his love for Parvati. Narad says today it’s proved that love is eternal and always wins. They chant Shiv Shakti ki jai. Tarakasur asks Shukracharya if he thinks a petite girl can capture him. Dheeti says he shouldn’t ignore acharya’s warning and should drop his idea of getting Parvati who doesn’t want to accept him, Parvati is adishakti and will try to marry Shiv, they all need should try to stop their marriage at any cost. Tarakasur says they can stop the marriage, his goal is to get Parvati.

Mainavati thanks god that Parvati is fine. Parvati asks what had happened. Mainavati says that doesn’t matter, what matters is she is fine. Parvati recalls Tarakasur following her and asks where is he. Mainavati says she escaped from evil Tarakasur and asks what had happened. Parvati says lifted trishul and doesn’t know what happened next. Ganga tells Himavan that Tarakasur ran away fearing Shiv and until Shiv is there, nobody can harm Parvati. She asks Parvati to get up and thank Shiv. Mainavati asks if Parvati will go to Kailash to thank Shiv. Parvati says Shiv is everywhere like an air, he is present in each atom of the universe and even she took Shiv’s name a moment ago, they don’t need to visit Kailash to thank him. She thanks Mahadev and hugs shivling.

Mahadev experiences Parvati’s embrace. Narayan says Shiv and Parvati’s love is present everywhere. Himavan says he was in dilemma till now, but now he is sure that Parvati’s love for Shiv is pure; she can marry Shiv and get him. Mainavati says Sati died because of Shiv, she will not let Parvati marry Shiv. Mahadev keeps his hand on fire. Nandi asks what is he doing. Mahadev says he is experiencing separation from Sati. He says when Adishakti decided to be born as a human, his hardship and sacrifice for his love started and he is eagerly waiting to see Parvati’s inner power.

Precap: Narayan tells Mahadev that Parvati has seen a shadow of her adishakti avatar in her mind. Mahadev says once Parvati realizes her adishakti avatar, he will marry her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


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