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Pyar Ke Saat Vachan Dharampatni 21st September 2023 Written Episode Update: Ravi and Pratiksha go for janmashtami

Pyar Ke Saat Vachan Dharampatni 21st September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Mandip says good DILs wake up early and do pooja. Look at Pratiksha. Dolly says she won’t listen to us. Ravi askks Pratiksha you woke up? She says I kept sleeping. He says it’s okay, select your saree. Choose the best one. Kaviya says she wont’ go with us. Ravi says as my wife. Mandip says choose a saree for Kaviya. The designer shows sarees. Pratiksha shows him one Ravi picks it for Mandip. Ravi says to Pratiksha not bad. Kaviya asks which one do you like for me? Ravi ignores her. Pratiksha says this would look good on you. She says I asked Ravi. Mandip says don’t speak between them. Ravi says it’s not a big deal. He says Kaviya select this one. Ravi picks one for Pratiksha. She gets that one.

Scene 2
Pratiksha gets ready. Ravi says get ready, she says I will get ready in a few minutes. He says take your time, look pretty. We’ve to go for a celebration. I will introduce you as my wife. Kaviya listens in. Pratiksha thinks about her moments with Ravi. Kaviya get angry. Pratiksha smiles. Pratiksha goes to get ready. Kaviya comes in the room and wears Pratiksha’s gajra. She kisses Ravi’s shirt. Kaviya says I will neverr let Pratiksha come near Ravi. Kaviya spills cream on the floor so Pratiksha falls.

Pratiksha comes out of the rest roon. She slips and screams. Ravi comes. He picks Pratiksha Ravi asks what happened? How did you fall? He picks her up and takes her to the bed. Her foot is sprained. She says I slipped. Ravi massages her food. Kaviya says game over. Now I will go as Ravi’s wife. Mandip says let’s go. Amar says where is everyone? Biji says you got the late like always. Manvi asks where is Kaviya? Biji says where is Pratiksha? Manvi says why her? Biji says why do you have to create a drama? I will get Ravi and his wife, you will get Kaviya. It’s festival. Don’t create dramas today. Mandip asks her to calm down. Biji says I am tolerating you people creating problems every day. There’s always a war in the house I won’t tolerate it now. I will answer back everyone. Mandip says you’ve the right. She says I have no issues with Pratiksha coming. Manvi says you’ve no issues? Mandip says she’s like my mom. She’s tolerated enough. Please keep her away from all this.

Scene 3
Ravi massages Pratiksha’s foot. She says I feel so lucky that you’re my husband. Ravi says how will you walk? He says repeat what you said. She says I won’t. He says I can kiss you and you can’t even run. She says you are crossing limits. He comes close to kiss her. Pratiksha repeats that she’s lucky to have him. Kaivya hears all this. She gets angry.

Episode ends

Update Credit to: Atiba


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