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Mera pyaar… Part 49 ( confrontation and romance)

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Once the family comes home veer makes lie bani on sofa..

Sumitra:veer… what happened to bani?

Veer:i..i scolded her..her by mistake and..and she drunk wine in anger and fainted..

Everyone gets shocked..

Abir:why did you scold her veer?are you out of your senses?

Veer: actually it’s my mistake only. I should apologise her..

Naksh:what did my sister do and why did you scold her?

Veer tells everything of how bani doubted veer till he saw kartik with a girl named Tina and everyone gets stunned..

Akhilesh:not possible veer..kartik loves naira deeply..he loves only her..it’s impossible for him to move on soon..

Veer:i know it’s difficult to believe..even i dint believe when bani doubted kartik. But i myself saw Kartik romancing a girl..if you all don’t believe me then ask kartik atself..

Everyone are in state of shock and bani slowly wakes up after sprinkling water on her and she sees everyone in shock and gets confused..

Bani: how did I come here? And why everyone are looking as if you all saw a ghost?

Veer:as you was drunk..i brought you home bani. And I am really sorry for scolding you because what you doubt about kartik was right. He loves some girl named Tina..

Bani gets shocked..

Bani: Tina? Who is she? How did you know suddenly?

Veer:i don’t know her..i tried to see her face when I saw that girl with kartik but i couldn’t see her face. They were eating corn romantically..

Bani gets shocked..

Soon kartik comes home and he gets shocked seeing everyone sitting tensed..

Kartik:arrey.. what happened? Why are you all sitting like this?

Manish:it’s because of you kartik. Tell me do you love any other girl other than naira?

Kartik:arrey..i don’t love anyone except naira. You know how i love her..i will love only naira till end of my life. Why are you asking suddenly dad?

Manish: because veer saw you with some girl named Tina in corn shop..

Veer:yes..you was eating romantically too with her..

Kartik gets shocked..

Kartik in mind: ohh no..i think veer saw me with naira. But thank god he dint see her face. Now how will I control the situation? I should lie…

Kartik:yes..i love a girl named Tina.

Everyone gets stunned and naksh gets angry..

Naksh shouts:kartik..how soon you forgot my sister and moved on? Is this true love for naira? At first you acted as if you want to die for her but..but now..i saw your true nature. You don’t love naira truly..you just love girls i think. First niya then naira then Tina..how soon you fall for girls..

Kartik gets stunned at his accusations while elders gets shocked to know that kartik loved niya..

Surekha:who is niya? When did kartik loved her naksh?

Kartik gets angry recalling what niya did and shouts..

Kartik:if anyone talks about niya..then i won’t stay here. Yes.. i loved niya first but it’s my mistake to love her..i can tell that was my cursed love. Today i lost my naira because of her..i regret of loving her. I don’t want to talk about her anymore. And about Tina..it’s my personal matter. I will tell you the truth when the right time comes..

Abir: what do you mean kartik? How come niya became reason of naira’s death?

Kartik: don’t you remember that day a women pushed naira? It’s none other than niya.. she acted as if she accepted my and naira’s relationship but infact she acted to get me and even she is the one who broke pendrive and made me against naira and also she locked naira in washroom before too…

Everyone gets shocked

Mishti:oh my godd!! Such a psycho.. i wish i kill her on my hands for killing my sister.

Kartik:i punished her in right way..she will never be peace hereafter.

Swarna:kartik..this much have happened..but you dint tell us anything..

Kartik:iam sorry maa..woh.

Manish: anyways..tell me who is Tina and why is it personal? Iam not telling that loving again is wrong but tell clearly about what you are doing..

Kartik:iam sorry papa.. i can’t tell now. I promise I’ll tell when right times comes..

Naksh remains angry on kartik and scolds him..

Naksh: if i was in kartik’s place i would have killed the killer of my wife..but kartik you left her alive. And you easily moved on from my sister..if my sister was in your place..she would have lived with your memories..you just love girls.

Manish gets angry and scolds naksh..

Manish:naksh..stop it. I agree that kartik easily moved on but you can’t accuse kartik that he loves girls..i know about him. He loved naira truly. If he dint love naira then he wouldn’t have try to kill himself..

 Naksh:maybe it’s a drama to prove that he loved naira..

Kartik gets angry and slaps naksh..

Kartik:naksh..you don’t know what you are telling. But listen..i love my naira truly…that’s why I am alive for her. One day I’ll show why I moved on then you will understand..

Kartik goes to his room angrily while others too goes and bani mishti consoles naksh..

Bani:bhai..you are misunderstanding kartik’s love. He told right..naira came in his dreams..maybe she would have pursued to move on..

Mishti:yes bhai. Don’t you hear the saying that one who loves truly can see their souls when they are dead. You was with kartik for almost three months..so you know how he lived..if he is happy now..then let him be. Maybe naira di pursued him.. please understand.

Naksh realises his mistake and cries..

Naksh cries:i think you are right.. everyone has right to be happy. Even if naira was in kartik’s place..we all would have Advised to move on. I really feel guilty for accusing kartik in such way..

Bani:it’s okay bhai. We can understand your feelings too..you care for naira..that’s why you got angry. Anyways apologize kartik when he is free.

Naksh nods head and the three disperse from there..

Kartik lies on bed and gets sad..

Kartik in mind:i did wrong by slapping naksh. He is right in his view..i don’t have rights to move on and even i wouldn’t have moved on from naira even if she wasn’t here. Iam sorry for lying that I moved on and making a huge confusions and fights..I’ll tell you the truth when naira gets completely fine..

He sleeps..


Priya and her friends reaches Ahmedabad and Priya bids bye to her friends shesha nd Ridhima as they go their home nd she returns to her home..

Priya in mind:i should confront my parents for sure..

She enters home with trophy and her parents gets happy seeing her and they immediately hug her..

Moloy:iam so proud of my daughter..my daughter have won miss.queen of the boutique..

Mohini:even your friend anika used to get trophies like this. She will be happy to see you from heaven to stand in her place..

Priya gets angry and shouts at them..

Priya: you both are betrayers. I learnt the truth that I am not Priya..but anika.

Mohini and moloy gets shocked and they shiver..

Moloy:wh.. what ar..are you te.. telling bet..beta?

Mohini: you..you will be missing anika..so you will be thinking like that. You are Priya..see your face beta.

Priya: maa..why are you hiding truth? Why do you want me to live as Priya? I know Priya died..and my face got disfigured and so doctor did plastic surgery for me so I am having priya’s face. Why are lying?

Mohini and moloy and gets stunned and they look each other..


Priya:tell me the reason maa..papa.. why did you lie that I am Priya? Why did you lie that Anika is my sister? please tell me..

Moloy cries: we are sorry anika beta for lying. We lied because to seperate you from ram. Before accident when we found you and Ram’s unmatched kundli..we thought to break relationship of your both for safety but before that you guys met with accident. So after accident Priya lost life and doctor told that youe face is disfigured..

Mohini:then we agreed for plastic surgery. And at end doctor mentioned that you lost memory too. So we thought to use this chance to seperate you and ram by lying that you are Priya.

Moloy:we lied that Anika is your friend because we don’t want you to ask about her more..that’s why. So that you won’t get remembered of ram..

Priya gets stunned and shattered and cries..

Priya:you both betrayed me..i never knew a parents can do this to their child. Iam really hurt with you both..


Priya: stop maa. If you thought me as your child then you would not snuched my happiness. Every parents wish for child’s happiness but you wish only for good kundlis. A relationship can’t be based on kundli..it’s based on true love..unless you understand this..you will never find happiness.

Mohini:but what happiness did you get from ram? At end you both met with accident and we lost Priya too.. that’s why i tried to stop before but i couldn’t and now i stopped.

Priya: you stopped but our destiny dint stop us. Again i met ram in udaipur..i even stayed in his house but that time i dint realise iam anika..So I lived as Priya there. And moreover i always feel connected with ram through dreams and flashes..this is called destiny. Even if you both separate us but Destiny won’t seperate us..

Priya cries and..

Priya: my mind forget our past..my mind forget our love..but my heart dint. It still has feelings for ram unknowingly..i have a hope that I’ll get my memories back. And you can’t stop me from reconciling with ram..

She runs to her room and locks the door while Mohini and moloy gets upset..

Priya takes her and priya’s photo and cries looking at it..

Priya: you are my sister but i never realised it as our parents lied..iam sorry Priya for forgetting you and living as you. Why did our life became jinx? You left me forever and i don’t remember our past and also i forgot my love too..why is our life jinx Priya? Why?

She falls on the bed and cries..


Ram packs his things and comes out while jhanvi stops him..

Jhanvi: where are you going beta?

Ram in mind: i can’t able to be peaceful thinking about Priya. I have to find why Priya is behaving like anika..for that i have to meet mohini aunty and moloy uncle. And i don’t know why i feel eager to meet Priya..but i have to meet her to as i feel bad after she left.  I should lie to mom..

Ram:maa..my friend called me for an emergency in Ahmedabad. So I am going with him..

Jhanvi:ohh..okk. go and carefully and come beta.

Ram:yes mom. You too take tablets and sleep when I am not there.. don’t be careless mom..I’ll be back tomorrow.

Jhanvi laughs..

Jhanvi:yeah..i will be. My son behaves like my father..

Ram: like you behave sometimes like my friend.

They both laugh and then ram bids bye and goes…


Sirat is seen standing in verandah sadly and naira notices it and comes to her..

Naira: sirat..

Sirat doesn’t respond as she is lost and so naira shakes her..


Sirat gets jerked and she comes out of thoughts…

Sirat:Haan Tina..

Naira: where are you lost sirat?

Sirat: nowhere..i..i just..

Naira: i know where are you lost. You are thinking about your lose right..

Sirat:yes. Though Ranveer consoled me but still i feel bad about losing in qualifier match. I thought this time i can play for India..but i lost it..

Naira: sirat..yeah you lost it but you dint lose your dream..you just lost a match.  Don’t get upset for what happened.. just get ready for next opportunity. When you lose..we should not lose ourselves..we should only get ready for next opportunity then only we can chase our dreams.. orelse we will lose our dreams also. If you lose..then learn from your mistakes..if you win then keep practicing more well..this is the beauty of a sportsperson.

Sirat gets impressed and she hugs naira in happiness..

Sirat:you are right..iam lucky to get a sister like you. Thank you for encouraging me..

Naira smiles..

Naira:i did what i should do..

Suddenly sirat gets a phone call and she attends..

Sirat:hello..who is this?

Caller:iam your boyfriend’s father Narendra Chauhan..

Sirat gets shocked and fears whether he will again scold her..


Narendra:i need to meet you immediately. Come and meet me near the town park immediately.

Sirat: o..ok..u..uncle.

They cut the call and sirat immediately panics and runs..

Naira:who is it? Why are you running panicking sirat?

Sirat:it’s Ranveer’s papa. He asked to meet him..so i should meet him. I’ll tell you you the rest after coming back..bye.

Sirat runs in roads in tensed..

Sirat in mind:why did Narendra uncle called me? Did he accept my and Ranveer’s relationship? If it’s so.. it’ll be nice..

She reaches the spot and sees Narendra standing and goes to him while Narendra smirks seeing her..

Sirat:namaste uncle..

Narendra: my taste of wish is not namaste..it’s just hi. Anyways I’ll come to the point of why I asked you to come..

Sirat:why uncle?

Narendra:i know you lost your qualifier match. It’s not because of your mistake but because of cheat done by your opponent.

Sirat gets shocked..

Sirat:what? What do you mean uncle?

Narendra: the opponent is my friend’s daughter. So i asked her to cheat and win..as I know you are capable to win anyone. She put stones inside her gloves and punched you and that’s why you lost.

Sirat gets shocked and recalls how the punches were like stone..

Sirat in mind: i too realised why the punches were hard like stone while playing. I..i thought it’s my illusion..so..so it was true. Bu..but why…why did Narendra uncle do it?

Sirat:uncle..why did you made her cheat? You only have problem with my and Ranveer’s relationship right..then why did you stop my dreams?

Narendra:to make you choose a path. I can expose my deed and make you to enter nationals if you end your relationship with ranveer..orelse i won’t let you enter for nationals. So choose which path you want to go..ranveer or playing for your country?

Narendra smirks while sirat gets shattered..

Sirat cries:uncle..why are doing this? Why don’t you accept my and Ranveer’s relationship?

Narendra:i don’t want to waste my precious time with you..so common tell me your decision.

Sirat recalls how ranveer supported all her life and she also recalls her dreams of Playing nationals and she gets teary..

Sirat: i can play for nationals again in my lifetime..so I’ll choose to be with ranveer. Ranveer was always been my supportive in my entire life… only because of his love i reached this stage. So I’ll respect his love uncle. If I can’t go to nationals this year..I’ll try again from first and enter nationals once in my lifetime. So I’ll give up to play for nationals this year..

Narendra gets stunned..

Narendra in mind: i thought she will leave ranveer atleast for her dreams..but she is adamant in love.

Sirat: uncle..you did wrong with my career..but you can’t wrong my and Ranveer’s relationship. The more you try to break us..we get more closer.. understand this uncle.

Sirat goes away shattered while Narendra gets angry..

Narendra in mind: how dare she? Now i don’t have any other option to make her away from ranveer..

Narendra calls someone and the guy samrat comes..

Samrat: what should I do for you mr.chauhan?

Narendra gives photo of sirat and..

Narendra:kill this girl in two days with this gun.

Samrat gets the photo and gun from and ensures Narendra and goes while Narendra smirks..

Narendra in mind:now..I’ll see how you and ranveer continue your relationship sirat.

Narendra goes smiling evilly while a some other guy is shown overheared the conversation and he is shocked..


Bani was sitting sadly on balcony and veer comes to her when no one was there around..


Bani turns to him and..

Bani:why did you come here? To apologize after knowing truth?


Bani: iam not angry that you scolded for your family but for not trusting me. You even slapped me..

Veer:i know i did mistake..i dint trust you that time..iam really sorry. I thought kartik will never move on as he never even lived peacefully even for a second without naira since childhood..so i thought you are misunderstanding him. Iam really sorry..

Bani:you can ask sorry easily but your words hurted me like arrow killing a person..iam really hurt. If you love a person..you should trust them also..then also they will safe with you. You thought iam lying..how can you think like that? Even I am kartik’s friend.

Veer: i know i should have atleast seen you as kartik’s friend. A friend doesn’t accuse his friends..but I am foolish. I got blinded with my foolishness at that moment..iam really sorry.

Bani: i feel bad..i..i don’t feel like forgiving you now..

Veer gets sad..

Veer:it’s okay. You have rights to be angry on me as i hurted you like that. Forgive me when you feel..iam leaving.

Veer turns to leave but bani holds his hand and stops him..


Bani: i don’t like forgiving you now as i forgave you at the second you asked sorry.. i don’t know why..but my heart couldn’t hold the anger on you. So don’t go..

Veer gets happy and hugs her..

Veer:iam really sorry bani..you are really my sweet gf. You dint punish me for my mistake..iam really lucky to get such gf.

Bani:i don’t know why i love you like that..i can’t bear to punish you as it looks like punishment for me..that’s why. Anyways this is last warning..if you do mistakes like this again..then I’ll really get angry.

Veer:acha.. promise I’ll never do such mistakes.

Bani smiles and suddenly veer makes a face..

Bani: why are you keeping your face like that?

Veer turns her face and shows something..

Veer:see..there is a lizard.

Bani:lizard? Where..i can’t see..

Veer immediately kisses her cheeks in that time shocking bani..

Bani: why did you kiss me?

Veer: because you are my girlfriend.

Bani: you kissed by fooling me..

Veer: fooling kisses are special than normal kisses because fooling kisses are rarely done. So enjoy this special kiss..


Bani chases veer while veer runs and suddenly veer falls on sofa and he pulls bani on his lap..


Veer: enough of playing Tom and Jerry game. Iam so tired..lets play romantic game now.

Bani:you told you are tired.. aren’t you tired for romance?

Veer: You know why romance is special in this world? Because romance is the only thing where we won’t get tired or bored..it’s so special to our heart.

He slowly leans forward to kiss her lips..

Suddenly Mansi enters room and veer and bani gets shocked and they move rapidly and adjust themselves..

Mansi: veer bhai.. what are you doing in this room?

Veer:Mansi.. you are so stupid. Can’t you knock and come?

Mansi: why should I knock and come? I’ll knock only to couples and lovers room and not in girls room. What are you doing in our room?

Veer: i..i ca..came..

Bani:he came to apologise Mansi as he scolded me and made me drunk.

Veer:hey.. don’t lie..i just scolded you..it’s you who drunk.ok? Don’t turn the tables..

Bani: whatever!! I drunk because of you..so you are the reason for my drunk. That means you made me drink wine..

Veer:what a stupid logic that I ever heared!!

Mansi laughs..

Mansi: you both are funny while fighting. Can you please fight more and entertain me now as I am boring..

Bani:oii..are we looking like an entertainer? Wait..i won’t leave you..

Veer:yes..I’ll give you knocks for making fun of us..

They both chase Mansi and three of them enjoy the fun..


Mishti was cooking something and Abir comes and hugs her shocking mishti..

Mishti:Abir.. what are you doing?

Abir: can’t you see? Iam romancing my gf..

Mishti pushes him away..

Mishti:are you mad..is this place to romance?

Abir:I’ll romance even in jail..no place is restricted for romance.

Mishti frowns..

Mishti: good joke.

Abir:hey..iam talking seriously and you are telling it as joke?

Mishti:then what? Who will romance while cooking?

Abir: Romantic lovers will do it..but a useless universe like you won’t do it.

Mishti beats him..

Mishti:how dare you? I won’t leave you today.

She beats him more but Abir pulls her back and holds her and he holds her hand he slowly grinds the dish in stove romantically..

Abir: your mind is so aggresive now..I’ll calm it down with my romance. I’ll teach you how to romance in kitchen..

Slowly mishti gets smitten and she too happily cooks with him..

Once they finish their cooking Abir feeds mishti to check the taste and suddenly mishti screams..


Abir: what happened?

Mishti: actually.. actually my lips is hurt..so i felt burning sensation when this hot food touched my lips..

Abir keeps the food down and holds her cheeks..

Abir: wait..don’t worry..I’ll blow and make it better.

He slowly comes Forward towards her lips and smiles and was about to kiss but mishti understands his intention and pushes him..

Mishti: you are great fraudster. In reason of helping my burning pain..you thought to kiss me..how dare you??

Abir:ohh..hello..kiss is not only romance but a cure too. Kiss will cure your burning pain too.

Mishti: really? Then kiss me..

Mishti smiles and closes her eyes and slowly Abir comes forward to kiss her..

Suddenly veer bani and mansi comes out from the room and gets stunned seeing Abir and mishti and they scream..

Veer:ohh my goddd..open romance!!!

Abir and mishti gets shocked and they move away immediately and they look veer bani and Mansi embarassed while they tease them..

Bani: oho..what a scene!! Are you guys cooking food or cooking romance??

Mansi:now i understand why my bhai always watches romantic movies nowadays..

Veer bani and mansi laughs while mishti and Abir gets embarassed..

Mishti: don’t tease us..then one day when you all fall in love..then we will take revenge.

Veer And bani gets silent as they knew they hne to reveal their love one day while Mansi still pulls their leg..

Mansi: till we fall in love we will tease you..haha..

Abir:tease me how much ever you want. I’ll cut your pocket money from now on..

Mansi smiles and hugs abir..

Mansi:my sweet bhai..i..i was just kidding. Don’t take it seriously…i won’t tease you hereafter. Don’t cut my pocket money..

Everyone laughs at her and later they all spend time together..


Vedika is in her home and she talks with her friend in phone..

Siya:you are suspended. Now we are suspended..how will we go to college?

Vedika:i have a plan..

Siya: what’s it?

Vedika:i don’t know what you will do but iam going to apologise Tina and make her agree to make me inside college.

Siya: are you nuts? Why should you apologise her?

Vedika:i know.. apologising is not my habit but now i don’t have any other option. Once i enter college then I’ll take revenge on that Tina.

Siya:fine..then meet her and apologize. I’ll think some other way to enter into college.

Vedika:ok..then I’ll cut the call. Bye.

They cut the call and vedika calls naira and naira attends..

Naira:hello..Vedika..why did you call me?

Vedika:Tina..i need to apologise you. Can you meet me at temple in Jubilee hills tomorrow as my home just nearby that.

Naira gets confused..

Naira in mind:is she really apologitic or is she planning something? First I’ll meet then then ill decide whether to forgive her or not..

Naira:fine..I’ll meet you there.

Vedika smiles and they cut the call..

PRECAP:- Family gets shocked seeing Naira. Samrat misunderstands naira as sirat and shoots towards her. Mansi pranks dheeraj. Aditya challenges naksh.

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