Kyunki Saas Maa Bahu Beti Hoti Hai 21st September 2023 Written Episode Update: Shakuntala reveals the truth before Kesar

Kyunki Saas Maa Bahu Beti Hoti Hai 21st September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Ambika wishing happy birthday to Baa. She greets babu ji and tells the kids that they are making nice rangoli. Jayati says Darshan will make me proud as a doctor. Jinal tells that prasad is not ready yet. Shakuntala says she will make prasad and tells Ambika that the guests will be surprised tasting it. Jinal asks where is the prasad stuff? Shakuntala says my helpers are bringing it. Kabir and his friends bring the prasad ingredients. Jayati asks Ambika, why did you call her for prasad. Ambika says I had given her order before and that’s why didn’t cancel it. Jayati says you have a big heart. Kesar comes there and asks Ambika to tell the truth. Ambika says she can’t tell in a hurry and tells that it is just matters of few hours. Kesar thinks she will ask Shakuntala kaki and asks her what she was saying yesterday. Shakuntala says money decides when I open my mouth and asks her to give money. Kesar asks from where shall I get money. Shakuntala says you knows well. Kesar sees Kabir and says you are here. He says I tried to stop Amma, but your small ears came in my mother’s hands. Kesar asks how to get some info from your mother. He says she will open her mouth if she gets money and laughs. Kesar thinks from where to get the money.

The goon gets a call from Madam ji and tells that he is doing the same thing. He says where did that girl go, if this city has eaten her and says I didn’t see my wife since so many years. He asks where the people is going? The other goon tells that rich family people has kept Bhoj for their head Leela’s birthday. The goon says we will go there and pray, also have Bhoj. They come to Ambika’s house. The goon prays to Goddess to make him meet that girl. Kesar comes to the room and steals money from the room. Jayati catches her and asks if you are stealing money. Kesar says I will tell Maa later, I need it to give to Shakuntala Kaki to know my truth. Jayati asks her to keep back the money and says Ambika bhabhi can’t fulfill her swear. Kesar asks her to tell her truth. Jayati tries to snatch the money. Kesar runs with the money. Darshan comes there. Jayati collides with him and he falls and gets electrocuted. Ambika completes the aarti. Kesar brings money to Shakuntala and asks what is my truth.

Shakuntala says I will tell all the story. Ambika catches them. Shakuntala tells that your daughter was given me greed to say the truth. Kesar says she asked me to give money, to tell my truth. Shakuntala says she is lying and says I asked her where she got the money. Kesar says she is lying. Ambika slaps her. Jinal says bhabhi never raised hand on any child till now. Baa says Ambika’s patience has broken, and says she has lost her swear today. Ambika says you have stolen in your house, and shaken up my swear which I took 12 years ago. Jayati brings Darshan there. They rush him to the hospital. Jayati blames Kesar and says this happened due to your push. Kesar says I didn’t push him. Riddhi cries. Baa hugs her and says your brother will be fine.

Ambika comes back home and tells Baa that Darshan is in ICU and he didn’t get consciousness till now. She says Doctor said that nothing can be said until he gains consciousness. Kesar says I didn’t do anything, and tells that she wants to know the truth. Ambika says you don’t have any patience, can’t concentrate on studies, misbehaves with others, and has done mischief on the road, read comics all the day, why shall I tell you truth. Baa tries to pacifies her. Shakuntala says I will leave now. Kesar blames her for all this and says if you had not asked money from me, then I wouldn’t have stolen money. She snatches her purse and throws it. Everyone sees cutlery items fallen down from her purse. Kesar tells Ambika that if she will believe her now and says Kaki has stolen in our house, and asked money from me to tell the truth.

Ambika says I called you, though Jayati asked me not to call you. Kesar blames Shakuntala and says if anything happens to Darshan. She pushes her and Shakuntala falls on the chutney bowl. The ladies say it is good that she got what she deserves. Shakuntala feels insulted and asks her to hear the truth. Baa asks Bhakti and others to take her. Bhakti keeps hand on her mouth, but Shakuntala bites on her hand and shouts that she is an orphan. She says Ambika had brought you home from an orphanage 12 years back and says you have stolen elder son’s love and rights, and you calls me as thief. She says Ambika has adopted you as her bahu/Suraj’s wife and not as beti. She tells Ambika about her swear and says your swear can never be fulfilled, and says she can’t become anyone’s house bahu. Kesar cries. Ambika recalls her swear. Shakuntala says my mouth got dirty along with face, now have to go and clean it. The goon hears her also. Kesar asks Ambika if this is a lie? Ambika says yes. Kesar says I am your bahu and not your beti, say Maa.

Episode ends.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


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