Keep walking whenever you get time: Kiran Rathore

Actress Kiran Rathore who has featured in Tamil and Bollywood films like Yaadein, Gemini, Villain, Parasuram, Anbe Sivam Thimiru etc, is a fitness freak to the core. Kiran will be seen in the upcoming Tamil film Leo.

In a candid chat with IWMBuzz.com, Kiran Rathore talks about her fitness secrets and more.

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Cheat Food:


Favourite Exercise:

I don’t have any favourite exercise. I am a very lazy lad, I really want to start the workout and it’s high time.

Fruit or juices: 

I love juices, I can have orange juice throughout the day. Sweet lime and orange are my favourite juices.

Stairs or lift:

I think lift is better (Smiles)

Your best morning routine will comprise of:

I do a little bit of stretching which is almost every day. If I wake up early, I do Yoga. I love to sit in front of the sun by around 7- 7.30 a.m.

Yoga Or Weights: 

I prefer weights. I think since I have been introduced to working in the gym, I have known the exercises which are cardio and weights. Yoga has just come into my life.

Walking or Jogging:

Walking is the best. Jogging is not for me.

Your take on health supplements:

No not really. I have been asked to take protein shakes, but I don’t think I can digest it. But since I am working out and I am lifting weights now, I have started to take protein shakes.

Best way to burn calories:

Best way to burn calories is just to walk and starve. I am a person who has been fasting since I was a child. My parents had introduced me to fasting twice a week. I am a big foodie, but I can fast too. That’s the strength and willpower I possess.

One tip for everyday fitness:

Keep walking whenever you get time, do window shopping, just go to the mall and walk.

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