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Udaariyaan 20th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Raja falls sick

Udaariyaan 20th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Aasma making the traditional stove with the cow dung patties. She ignites the fire. Armaan comes. Aasma says I m making my first rasoi. Armaan breaks the stoves. Alia comes and looks on. Aasma asks what did you do. He throws the water there. She asks how can I cook now, Baby asked me to cook food here. He laughs and jokes. Aasma says shut up. Alia smiles seeing them fight. He goes. Baby sees Aasma and smiles. She says she won’t make food now. She goes. Aasma says he broke my stove, I will still do it. Armaan gets a stove there. Raja comes. Armaan and Aasma joke on each other. Baby puts the plates on the table. Neetu asks why is she happy today. She says Baby has given a long menu to Aasma, we will see how she cooks. Rano says she learnt it from her dad. Armaan says this Jugaad is also a talent. Aasma says it’s a talent to tolerate you. Armaan asks Raja not to tell anything to anyone. Raja goes. Armaan shows the stove he made and says I will purify it, you think I don’t do any work. Aasma says I didn’t mean it. He says I don’t care, now the stove is ready, complete your rasam now. She smiles and asks did you do this for me. He says no, for my stomach. She says its already late. He says we will cook together. They cook the food together. His finger gets a cut. She applies the haldi to his hand.

They have a moment. They prepare the dishes. She says I had no big family, I m very happy to get a big family, I want to keep them happy. She makes him taste the food. He says its good. He turns and says it’s the best, she cooks food really well. She says thanks for help, we can make a good team. He doesn’t hold her hand. He thinks I want a ticket to Canada, I will make a team with Alia. Aasma says its okay, I know you want time, thanks. Alia eats icecream. She calls Aasma and says sorry to disturb you, did you get my jhumka. Aasma says no. Alia asks all good? Aasma says yes, I have made everything. Alia asks how. Aasma says it was tough, but Armaan saved me, he made an electronic stove, he helped me a lot. Alia gets angry. He says I will not leave Armaan. She comes to see Aasma. Aasma takes the food. Alia says I will see how everyone eats the food. Neetu says food is ready, we have to give shagun. Rano says yes. Aasma says I will get the food. Neetu asks everyone to come. Dadi says I have to take medicine. Armaan says I will go and get it. He goes. Baby comes and sees the food. She thinks how did Aasma make the food.

Raja says I m hungry, give me food. He eats the kheer and likes it. Alia looks on and worries. She says why is Raja eating it. She recalls adding some powder in the food. She says Armaan’s family is mine, its my Sasural. FB ends. Alia says no, Raja, don’t eat it. Baby thinks did she order food from outside. She smells the food and asks why is detergent smell coming in it. Aasma worries.

Everyone smells it. Raja starts coughing. He falls down. Everyone worries. They rush Raja to the hospital. Alia calls Armaan and tells about Raja. Armaan leaves. Aasma says don’t worry Raja, you will get fine. Baby says Aasma is enemy’s daughter, she took revenge on Raja. They admit Raja. Doctor says situation is serious, but he will be okay. Rano asks Baby to stop it. She says please make him fine. Aasma says we don’t know what was mixed in the food. Baby blames Aasma. Armaan comes there. Baby says Aasma has added poison in the food, she wants to kill Raja. Aasma cries. Sukhi and Bobby come. Sukhi asks what happened to Raja. Rano says he just had kheer. Armaan says if anything happens to Raja, then don’t know what I will do.

Precap: Nurse asks to sign consent form for surgery. Armaan gets angry and pushes Aasmaa and asks her to leave. Aasmaa falls down and hurts her hand.

Update Credit to: Amena


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