Titli 21st September 2023 Written Episode Update: Koel scolds Garv

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The Episode starts with Koel making arrangements. She sees a butterfly on the flowers and smiles. Garv comes and asks where is Titli. She says it flew away. He asks what. Titli is seen leaving the house. Maina clicks the flowers pic and thinks to ask Manikant about it. She calls Manikant. He suggests some flowers. Megha comes and says she needs her husband’s suggestion. She talks to Maina. Maina praises Manikant. Megha tries to impress her.

Megha says husbands aren’t enemies, girls used to have priorities set, so they kept marriage. Maina says you look like old times. Megha says I can’t forget my roots, money, job and superficial things don’t matter to me, relations matter to me, the guy who gets me will be lucky. Maina says you can come home and celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi with us, I will ask my husband, he won’t refuse, you have to come. Megha says sure, thank you, bye. Koel says Titli left this house. Garv asks how can she go, she should talk to me, no, this can’t happen. He gets angry. She says stop it, I regret, you couldn’t become Titli’s good husband, I m happy that she left. Garv asks what are you saying, she is my wife, how can she go, I will get her back. She says not everyone has courage to bring a change, she had courage, so she left, you go and get her back, when you have courage and intention to change. Maina and Koel get ready. Manikant collides with Koel and scolds her. Dhara apologizes to Garv. She says I didn’t do anything intentionally. Maina says don’t know where is Titli busy, call her. Garv thinks how to tell them that Titli left the house. Maina says let it be, we won’t give her a special invite, we can do aarti without her. Titli comes and plays shank. She asks them to start the aarti. She sings the aarti. Everyone prays. Titli goes to her room. Maina praises the girl she met today. Garv asks who was she. Maina says I met her at the florist, she was very sensible, I called her home, you all can meet her. Divya says prasad is ready. Maina stops Koel and says I will see. Koel prays for Titli. Garv goes to Titli. Titli avoids him. He holds her hand and scolds her.

He says I knew it, my love will bring you to me. She says I have done a lot for you and this relation. He says you have come back for me. She says you have to accept this new Titli now. He says fine, you have to accept the real me, you have no choice. She asks why, because you want this and its easy for you, you mean I should suffer in my life. He asks what are you saying. She says you have to understand it now. He says you think I m weak. She says yes, you are very weak, your ego got hurt hearing this, I can see it well. They argue.

Titli thanks Garv. Garv says I m new Garv. Titli asks shall I go now. He holds her and says I will change myself for you. Megha looks on.

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