Suhaagan 20th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Payal overhears Baldev’s confession

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The Episode starts with Krish crying and telling Nikku that he is responsible for his Papa’s condition. Nikku says everything will be happy. Krish says nobody is happy now. Nikku says I told you not to take this decision. Krish says if anything had happened to Papa then? Nikku asks him to handle himself. Bindiya comes there and hears them. Krish cries and says I am broken seeing Papa’s condition. He sees Bindiya and turns her face. Bindiya gives them coffee and goes. Sakshi laughs talking to her mother, and says every day there is drama, and tells about Bindiya and Payal. Indu comes there and hears her, and takes the phone in her hand, and greets her mother. Sakshi’s mother ends the call. Indu asks if you was joking about the house matter. Sakshi says when Mom asked me, I was laughing and try to ignore the matter. Indu says I have to solve this complicated relation of Payal, Bindiya and Krish.

Bindiya fries puris and burns her hand. She thinks to go and talk to babu ji, and end this lie game. Krish is with Baldev and says talks to someone, says he will manage. Bindiya comes there and says she has brought prasad. She offers prasad to Krishna. Krish takes it with his hand. Bindiya gives prasad to Baldev. Baldev asks Krishna, to go and rest and says then you have to do visarjan arrangements. He says Bindiya will be with me. Krish refuses to go. Baldev says Bindiya will stay and asks him to do the arrangements. Krish goes from there. Baldev asks Bindiya why she is worried. Bindiya cries and says I took the support of lie, but didn’t think that how many persons will be hurt with this lie. Payal calls Krish and is coming there. Bindiya says Krishna ji got worried when you fell down yesterday and Maa ji didn’t smile even for once. She says we shall end this fake marriage drama right now.

Payal thinks I have to call Krish out of Budda’s room. Bindiya asks until when we will lie and will make you have these fake medicines, and until when I will give pain to my family. baldev says we have to walk on the burning coal and asks her to concentrate on her aim and not on the way. Bindiya says but, lie is a sin. Baldev says no, and says the lie which is said for someone’s betterment, can’t be lie. He says I did this heart attack’s drama, not just for you, but for my son’s good future. Payal hears them and gets shocked. Baldev says I want to send that love far away from him and want to make him understand that you are his real courage and not that Payal. Payal says Bindiya made this plan with Buddha, now I will expose them infront of Krish. She thinks she shall make it interesting and says Buddha think Bindiya as strong and says I will break them both with the bramastra which I got now. Krish does aarti while Bindiya is also doing aarti along side him. Payal is standing behind upset. Krish and bindiya complete the aarti. Pandit ji says you can start visarjan now, and asks them to whisper their wish in Ganapati’s ears. Baldev, Indu, Sakshi and Vikram make a wish. Bindiya wishes that Krish shall know how much she loves him and their relation shall become stronger. Krish wishes that he shall get his true love. Payal wishes that she shall become the owner of the house, and shall get all the luxuries. Pandit ji asks them to lift Ganapati’s idol. Baldev says he wants Bindiya to do the visarjan as she has brought him here. Krish says but Papa. Baldev says it is not just my wish, but my mannat too. Bindiya and Krish walk to Bappa. Krish lifts Bappa and gives him in Bindiya’s hands.

Baldev is about to go out, when Indu stops him. Baldev says how to stay at home alone. Indu says I will stay at home. Bindiya says I will ask bhabhi to make video for you. sakshi says I will do it. Baldev says ok, I will go till the door. Krish and Bindiya go for the visarjan. Payal is going behind them with a plan. Sakshi says now we can enjoy our life. Payal says today Bindiya’s visarjan will happen too. Deva Shri Ganesha plays…….Krish and Bindiya hold the Ganapati together, as it was slipping from bindiya’s hand. Payal goes to side and calls someone for her conspiracy. She thinks this dhol and nagara are making sure of your farewell too bindiya, as you will also leave after Ganapati.

Precap: Bindiya prays to God, when Krish gives her divorce papers. Bindiya burns it and throws it on the floor.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


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