Neerja 20th September 2023 Written Episode Update : Protima gets arrested

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Didun approaching Neerja, announcing that the drama is over. Didun catches Neerja as she tries to run away and threatens her. Didun understands that Neerja’s courage comes from Abir’s love. She says Neerja can’t become a bride and that Abir’s family will kick her out if they know she’s from Sonagachi. Didun suggests that Neerja can be Abir’s wife but not a daughter-in-law of their house.

Didun tells Neerja that Protima is waiting for her, and she must come to Sonagachi the next day to find out why. Didun hints that Neerja will learn something important if she goes to Sonagachi. In Sonagachi, Protima tries to escape, but Didun arrives.

Meanwhile, Abir and his family sit down for dinner. They appreciate the puja decorations. Kaushik teases Abir for getting praised for everything. Abir wonders where Neerja is and tries to get up to search for her during dinner. Moushmi stops him, saying Neerja is asleep and he can give her prasaad in the morning. In Sonagachi, Didun locks up Protima again and mentions that something big will happen the next day.

The next morning, Abir can’t find Neerja in her room and asks Moushmi about her whereabouts. Moushmi lies, saying Neerja went to her orphanage. Abir is called to Delhi for work and agrees to take Kaushik with him. Moushmi wonders if Neerja has left their house for good. Neerja walks on the road, recalling Didun’s words, and stops at a temple to pray for strength.

Neerja returns to Sonagachi, and everyone welcomes her back. Didun hugs her and promises that she will meet Protima soon. Didun calls for Protima, who will be blindfolded when she arrives. Protima is shocked to see Neerja and asks why she’s back. Neerja doesn’t care about the truth anymore and promises to support Protima.

Didun whistles, and the police arrive to arrest Protima for drug-related charges, shocking both Protima and Neerja. Didun reveals this as a surprise for Neerja and leaves with the police. Neerja desperately cries out for Protima as she is taken away.

A cop tells Neerja to find someone to help release her mom. Neerja asks Bijoy for help, but he refuses because he doesn’t want to be linked to Sonagachi. He says Neerja doesn’t know the full truth. Didun tells Neerja that today she’ll explain everything.

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