Keh Doon Tumhein 21st September 2023 Written Episode Update: Vikrant sees Neha with the necklace

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The Episode starts with Vikrant lying and sending Ritu away. Puru insists that he wants to have icecream. Kirti says we can’t go out. Vikrant says I will take him to have icecream, you have to come with us. She says no. He insists. They go and have icecream. She says I got habitual to take favors from you. Puru goes to play. She says he will cough at night, its okay, he finds happiness in little things, sometimes I feel I m selfish that I left Dev. Vikrant asks would your life get normal with him, would he become a good father. She says no way, its unfair that Puru has a single parent. Vikrant says kids are innocent but they have much strength, Puru have a strong mother like you, you keep the responsibilities so effortlessly. She says I don’t know how to react when someone compliments me. He says I said what I felt. She says I forgot to ask something, is there any special quota for employees to give admission to their kids. He says of course, its for the staff members who served a year, being a vice principal, I have a family quota, I will give admission to Puru in my quota. She says no, I can’t take a favor. He says you are like family. She says Madhuri said it today that Vikrant is a part of family. He smiles. He drops them home.

He calls the principal and says sorry to disturb you at night, you change the rule, the staff members who served for one year will get their kids’ admission done in the school, make the papers ready, I will sign. Neha makes a reel and wears the hair necklace. She recalls getting it in the trash bin. Bittu thinks to make the hair necklace and trick Vikrant. He sees a girl with red coloured hair and goes to her. He cuts her hair and goes.

Sudhakar and the people question the police. Sudhakar argues with Yadav. Vikrant gets angry on them. He says I m here because I worry for you all. He asks Yadav to understand their fear. He asks about the investigation. Yadav says we got strange things at Ganesh’s house, we have sent it for forensic tests. Vikrant disconnects Bittu’s call. He asks what did you get there. Yadav says he is a thief, he has stolen many things. Sudhakar says I will check my house. Vikrant gets the call again. Bittu says I found the hair necklace. Vikrant smiles and says I m coming to the school. He says we can pray that the culprit is caught soon. He leaves. Kirti gives the accounts dept stuff and says this was at Anju’s house. She asks did you see her BF. The man says no, I never saw him. She says inform me if you know anything. She goes. Vikrant meets Bittu. Bittu says I got the necklace. Vikrant says give it, where did you get it. Bittu gives it and lies. Bittu says I got it in Ganesh’s house. He slaps him. He scolds him. Kirti sees Vikrant worried. She says if there is any problem, see it with magic lens, you will get a solution soon, smile now. He smiles. Ritu looks on. She goes to Vikrant and returns the chemistry book. He thanks her. She says there was nothing in it, I thought you left a secret note for me. He says look Ritu… She asks shall I scold that boy for watching videos. He says go back. He goes to the boy and takes the phone. The boy says sorry. Vikrant sees Neha with the hair necklace. He thinks Neha is foolish, the problem got solved when Kirti said it.

Vikrant goes to Neha’s room to get the necklace. She is wearing it. Kirti wakes up.

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