Imlie 21st September 2023 Written Episode Update: Imlie In A Catch-22 Situation

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Agastya thinks Ms Johri/Imlie defends poor even after being so rich, she is a down to earth girl and not bitter like him, she smiles freely and not like him. He looks at his brother’s photo and says his smile went away with him. Imlie lights a lamp in front of Kairi’s photo and says if she cries for her, who will look after Ashu; she wants to know how her accident happened. Kairi and her husband/Agastya’s brother are seen traveling in a car. She tells him that when they went to his house after marriage 9 months ago, his family didn’t accept her. He says Daadi will accept her after learning about her pregnancy. A speeding truck crashes their car and they both pass away. Agastya thinks he will not forgive that poor girl because of whom he lost his brother. Imlie thinks she will never marry any rich boy in her life and will take care of Ashu.

Pallo serves rotis with Bulbul. Bulbul says they are so hard that if she hits a person with hit, he will fall unconscious. Pallo asks her to have it silently as her father doesn’t give money and spends his earnings on alcohol, she runs house with Imlie’s half salary. Bulbul asks why don’t she snatch full salary from Imlie. Pallo says Imlie spends half of salary on Ashu’s medical expenses and if she tries to take full salary, Imlie will stop working. Bulbul says she will also sing in a bar like Imlie and earn money. Pallo runs behind her to beat her and says she is working hard to protect her, but she wants to get into a dirty profession like Imlie.

Imlie gets ready at a bar for singing and says she already lost half a day’s salary due to sore throat yesterday and can’t lose salary today. Her friend offers her medicine. Amrit walks into bar and asks it’s owner to vacate the bar as he wants to see Imlie’s exclusive performance alone. Owner says he can’t shoo off his regular customers. Amrit offers him 2 lakhs. Owner asks servant to clear the bar. Imlie walks to Amrit and says she is an artist and not a dancer who is for sale. She refuses exclusive performance and walks back to green room. Agastya calls her. Imlie takes call yelling and hearing him acts as her maid spoke first and then asks why he called at this time. Agastya says she forgot to return office keys and he needs some important file, hence he is standing outside Johri house to get keys. Imlie gets tensed thinking her lie will be exposed and says she is out of the house for a walk and will return home soon. She runs. Owner stops her and says he will cut her salary if she doesn’t perform. Imlie thinks it’s better than losing a high paying job and runs away from there.

Bulbul reaches bar and gets mesmerized with it’s lavishness. She thinks she wear torn clothes and eats stale food, but Imlie wears new clothes here and enjoys rich food. Amrit asks owner to give Imlie’s number and offers 2 lakhs. Owner says it’s against the policy. Bulbul hears that and introduces herself to Amrit as Imlie’s cousin and promise to give Imlie’s number if he gives money. He gives her 500 rs.
She thinks she will turn 500 rs into 5000 rs with her intelligence. Amrit returns home and acts as pampering Sonia. Sonia gets impressed and says he respects her so well, but Agastya disrespects her so badly. Amrit says Agastya is his friend and he can’t listen anything against Agastya, says Agastya had promised to give some donation to his NGO and hence he will go and get donation from him. Sonia asks him not to beg in front of Agastya until she is there and gives him money bundles. Amrit thinks both brother and sister are fools who fall for his tricks, he will use their rivalry for his benefit. Agastya continues to wait for Noyonika/Imlie. He feels frustrated and walks towards gate to question guard. Imlie reaches and fears her lie will be exposed if he questions guard.

Precap: Daadi informs Agastya that an alliance of Noyonika Johri has come for him and asks him to see her pic. Agastya extends his hand towards the pic. Amrit creates trouble at a bar and tells manager that singer Imlie knows him well. Imlie thinks she can’t bear any more loss as she already lost 2 days of salary, so she has to tolerate Amrit.

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