Shiv Shakti (Zee) 19th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Shiv protects Shakti from Ranjan

Shiv Shakti (Zee) 19th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Ranjan calls Mandira and says Shiv is here, what if he recognizes me? She says relax, he won’t recognize you. She ends the call. Keertan comes there and says if Shiv recognizes Ranjan then he won’t spare him. Mandira says Shiv won’t recognize him because I have made sure of it. Keertan asks how? he isn’t losing his memory. Mandira says soon he will. Shiv is broken in many ways and I will make sure he remains broken.. she takes out the medicine that she gave to Shiv. She says I swapped his medicines and its going to erase his memories so slowly, he is never going to be okay. Keertan says I am sure if Ranjan tries to touch Shakti then he won’t spare him. Mandira says I don’t care about Ranjan but if Shiv beats him up then Manorama won’t like it.. Shakti isn’t her real daughter so she won’t listen to Shakti and throw Shiv out of the house.

Shiv tells Shakti that we are a good team. Shakti says that doesn’t mean we have to be friends. Shiv says why are you so stubborn.. why you don’t want Ranjan to marry Rimjhim? Shakti recalls everything and thinks I don’t find him or family good. Shiv says you can tell me, you know we are a strong team and can make everything right if we work together. Shakti sees Ranjan hiding and thinks I have to stop this wedding. She thinks maybe Shiv is right, we might have to work together. She says listen to me.. how do you know Ranjan? try to remember where did you see him before? Shiv tries to recall and remembers a fight. Shiv says we aren’t friends so why should I answer you? Shakti says Rimjhim’s life is at stake and you are joking, she leaves. Shiv says why does Shakti want me to remember where I saw Ranjan? why doesn’t she want Rimjhim to marry him? He goes her and says what do you know about Ranjan? Shakti says you don’t care so leave me alone. Shiv says I don’t remember where I saw him, I will ask him. He tries to call him but Shakti puts her hand on his mouth and says we can’t make him doubt us. Shiv smiles at her. Shakti says why are you laughing? they both stare at each other. Manorama sees them and says wow.. Shakti moves away. She says lets go for the ceremony. Shiv gets scared and leaves. Ranjan hides and says Shiv won’t recognize me but why is he behind Shakti? I think he is protecting her. He can’t save Shakti from me.

Shiv says something is happening with me.. why do I feel like I have no control over my emotions. I get happy, excited and then get scared. This is not normal. Why am I feeling like this? He closes his eyes and recalls his moments with Shakti.

Scene 2
Ragunath tells Mandira that he is worried about Shiv. He didn’t go to the hospital for 4 days now, so much happened and he was about to lose his position and if he isn’t going to the hospital then people will gossip and then another scandal will be created. We can’t let our secret come out as then everything will be destroyed. All look on. Mandira says I was thinking the same but what can I do? Shiv isn’t listening to me. Ragunath asks why? Dadi comes there and says because he is listening to his heart, are you people blind? He is going to Shakti’s house and you know why? because of Shakti only. Mandira says what are you saying? Dadi says I am right, he goes to that house for Shakti only. Mandira thinks she can’t let her convince family that Shakti and Shiv are good for each other. Mandira shouts that Shiv and Shakti can’t be together.. all look on. Mandira says I can’t let Shiv break again, we have to stop this as Shiv might get hurt again. I don’t think Shiv is interested in her but even if he is, I don’t think we should let Shiv and Shakti get united.

Shakti does Rimjhim’s haldi and gets emotional. Shiv thinks they don’t look happy. A guest asks why are they crying? Manorama says they are just emotional as Rimjhim is going to leave soon. She whispers to them to stop crying. Ranjan is about to touch Shakti, Shiv sees that and is angry. Manorama takes Ranjan from there before he can touch her. Shiv thinks now I know why Shakti doesn’t like him, he is a cheap man. Shiv whispers that I will try to remember Ranjan. He recalls the fight again but can’t place Ranjan’s face. He says I can’t remember but I will do anything for Shakti.

Shakti bumps into to Shiv and mistakenly smears haldi on his shirt, she says sorry. Shiv sees haldi on her face and smiles. He wipes her hands and face lovingly while Shakti stares at him. Manorama sees them and thinks Shakti is going to kill her. Ranjan sees them and thinks to not spare Shakti for doing haldi with him.

Dadi tells the family that Shiv and Shakti are made for each other. Mandira told that guruji also said that someone is going to enter Shiv’s life, I brought a girl for him but it couldn’t work out. Then Shakti entered his life and maybe that’s what Lord wants. I think we should think about Shiv and Shakti’s marriage. Mandira thinks guruji also predicted Shakti to be my destruction so I can’t let this happen.

Precap: Ranjan says to Shakti, I don’t like leaving rituals in between and he tries to touch her inappropriately. Shiv comes in between and holds his hand from touching her.

Update Credit to: Atiba


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