Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 19th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Malerao rebels

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 19th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Malerao defending Kesar. He says I m not snatching Maina’s place, but making a place for Kesar. Malhar says stop it Malerao, you are crossing limits. He asks Gangoba to take Kesar away. Malerao gets his sword and warns them. Malhar scolds him for the rebellion. Ahilya asks Malerao to apologize to Malhar and let Kesar go with Gangoba. Malerao keeps the sword. Malhar says keep it well, don’t insult it. Malerao apologizes to him. He says I want to marry Kesar, I want her security, I want you all to support me. Ahilya says I assure you, nothing will happen to Kesar. Malerao gives Kesar’s hand to Ahilya. He says fine, I will give her hand to you, you take the responsibility of her protection. Ahilya gets back. He asks are you scared, did you fall in a dilemma. He says anything can happen to Kesar, permit me to stay with Kesar and protect her. Gautama says Kesar is our Praja, its our duty to protect our Praja, she will stay safe with us. Malerao thanks her. He takes Kesar and leaves. Maina cries.

Malerao says no one can separate us. Kesar says I don’t know what is right and what is wrong, but I know that if we fight with family then Mahabharat will happen. He says let it happen. He pulls her close. She says this love is breaking many hearts and your family also. He says when someone wins, someone loses, our hearts beat for each other. He gets close to her. Ahilya and Gautaam come. Ahilya asks him to stay in limits. He gets away. Kesar turns. Ahilya says limits are imp, Kesar is staying here, you both have to stay in limits, you are not married and accepted by us. Gautama says yes, don’t make fun of the limits. Malerao says Ahilya got Kesar attacked and she is talking of limits. He taunts Ahilya. He goes. Kesar falls in Ahilya’s feet and apologizes.

She says I had no intention to blame you, Malerao didn’t let me complete my words. Gautama signs to Ahilya. Ahilya asks Kesar to get up. She says its fine, but I have to prove myself innocent, so that my son knows I m not love’s enemy, I don’t want love to get stained. She goes to Maina. Maina sits crying. Ahilya gets the diya. She pacifies Maina. Maina cries and asks her to go to her new bahu, welcome her. Harku comes and asks Ahilya to go. She says I will see Maina. Ahilya goes. Harku explains Maina that one has to win love. She tells about her life, how Gautama, Dwarka and she used to compete and meet Malhar. She says Gautama always won, she is very pretty and smart, she never let us feel bad, she used to teach me ways to attract Malhar, she always tried to keep love. Maina asks who will tell this to me. Harku says I will tell you, you have to become attractive, beauty is a big weapon, look at yourself, you are so pretty. They all go to have dinner. Malhar asks where is Malerao. Malerao comes. Maina sees him and smiles. He asks her to go that side. He calls Kesar there.

Gautama says Kesar is our guest. Maina shouts. Kesar says we should stay away. Malerao says no. Kesar leaves. Maina looks on.

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