Meet 19th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Sumeet saves Shlok by deleting his profile.

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Shlok confronts the girl who was recording him, and she ends up falling into his arms. He gently moves away, and she falls to the ground. She playfully starts using famous Bollywood dialogues and talks about her brother’s plan to make Adil her fiancé. Shlok, who is interested in Hindi movies, corrects her when she makes mistakes in the dialogues. Later, she challenges him to make her fall in love with him if he wants to marry her; otherwise, he’ll leave empty-handed. She leaves upon hearing her brother’s voice.

Sumeet chants “Ganapati Bappa Morya” and notices bubbles floating around. She remembers Shlok telling her that he’s near whenever she sees bubbles. Both Sumeet and Shlok feel a sense of closeness. Naaz’s brother turns out to be Bilawar, and he greets Shlok, who is disguised as Adil. Bilawar notices Shlok’s familiar face but doesn’t suspect anything. Bilawar mentions that despite Shlok being in the US, he still seems to have a Pakistani soul, the kind of guy he wants for his sister Naaz.

Zainab, Naaz’s sister-in-law, serves juice and offers to bring something to eat. A constable informs Bilawar about signing files related to Indian spies who were caught. Bilawar inquires about Shlok’s background, and the constable suggests checking Shlok’s social media profiles for information about his family. Shlok worries that they might discover details about him, but when Bilawar tries to access the page, it’s unavailable. Shlok realizes that Sumeet must have taken steps to protect their information. Sumeet decides to remove all their social media information to prevent anyone from using her connection to Shlok against him.

Shlok informs Bilawar that his luggage was stolen at the airport, and Zainab mentions losing her phone in the market. Shlok realizes that the phone the guy found belonged to Zainab. Meanwhile, Sumeet prays to God to show her a way to reach Shlok and Akki. Her bandmate approaches her, expressing concern about their missing singer and wondering how they’ll perform at the cultural event without one. Sumeet smiles, having found a solution to help them.

Bilawar instructs his men to see how the girl who insulted him will perform. Shlok wonders who could have left a man as cruel as Bilawar so annoyed. Bilawar’s grandfather supports India and shares his thoughts on both countries being similar, but he believes Bilawar holds hatred in his heart. Shlok asks Naaz about him, and she explains how their grandfather was left in Pakistan after partition but still has a deep connection with India. Sumeet once again encounters Bilawar, who questions her about her missing bandmates and any issues they might be facing. Sumeet responds confidently, unknowingly with Shlok just behind her.

Bilawal says to his members on the pretext of Ganesh Utsav, she came to our country to save her husband but I’ll trap her in drug smuggling case.
Bilawal checks Sumeet’s case and take out drugs from it. Sumeet smiling. Bilawal says are you out of your mind, you smiling after seeing drugs. Sumeet says I did nothing wrong so why I should be scared.

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