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Imlie 20th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Imlie Learns The Reason Behind Agastya Hating Poor

Imlie 20th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Imlie reaches Chaudhry sweets. Agastya asks if her car broke down that she came running. Imlie says running is good for health and gulps a whole bottle of water. Agastya introduces her to investors as Chaudhry Sweet’s intern. Sonali says let her start work first and show her competency. Imlie starts. Agastya asks if she has sore throat. Imlie says yes. Agastya says she can have green tea first and then start work and gives her electric kettle. Imlie thinks she is seeing electric kettle for the first time and prepares tea on gas. Agastya asks why didn’t she use kettle. Imlie says cooking on gas saves electricity and time. Investors say that is sensible.

Imlie prepares ginger tea and then her special dishes and serves them to clients and says her dishes will remind them of their childhood. Agastya says her voice sounds better now. Imlie says ginger tea works best. Customers taste food. Sonali says this food doesn’t have any 5-star feeling. Investor says it doesn’t have a 5-star feeling, but reminded him of his childhood food. Sonali asks servant to throw this food away. Imlie says a poor person will have a 4-day-old food, but this is a fresh food; she asks servant to pack it. Investor says he liked Imlie’s presence of mind and tells Agastya that they are ready for the deal and will finish paperwork later. Agastya gives shop keys to Imlie.

Imlie walks on street with Agastya thinking she can start Ashu’s treatment now. Agastya tells her client was impressed with her kind gesture. Imlie is lost in thought. Agastya calls her name and asks what is the meaning of Noyonika. Imlie says it means sour. Agastya asks like in sweet and sour. Imlie says yes. Kids notice bags in Agastya’s hand and asks what is in them. Imlie says lots of food. They snatch bags from him excitedly. Agastya asks them to first wash their hands and says he forgot his hand sanitizer at shop. Imlie gives them food and they thank her and walk away. Agastya says these kids were attacking on food. Imlie says all kids are same. Agastya says not all kids, only poor kids; poor bear children and leave them on streets.

Imlie recalls Kairi’s death after Ashu’s birth and says not all poor are same, some are very helpless. Agastya asks why do they leave their kids in orphanage. Imlie asks why he hates poor so much. Agastya says poor are greedy and lazy. Imlie says poor work hard and shed so much sweat that it can bathe 1000s of rich people. Agastya asks if poor are hard working, then why they are poor. Imlie says they don’t get a right opportunity and asks why he thinks poor are wrong. Agastya says poor betray rich for money, he recalls his brother telling him that he loved a poor girl, but she loved his money; he has experience with such poor who ruined a happy family for money. Imlie says you rich people. Agastya asks if she is not rich. Imlie thinks she wanted to ask him advance salary, but seeing his hatred for poor, he may get her out of job. Agastya asks if her name is really Noyonika as she doesn’t respond at all.

Back home, Imlie thinks Kairi lost her life because of a rich man; whom Atharva was talking about who betrayed him. Agastya recalls his brother’s letter that he loved a poor girl, but she loved his money; he can’t live without hat girl and is committing suicide. Agastya performs his brother’s last rites. Out of flashback, he thinks thatg poor girl snatched his brother from him, that is why he hates poor. Imlie thinks she hates rich as she lost Kairi because of a rich man. She recalls Kairi’s funeral where Pallo gives baby Ashu to her and says Kairi had eloped with a rich who betrayed him; rich boy’s family took him to hospital but left Kairi on road to die. Out of flashback, Imlie thinks what kind of people they were who left Kairi to die on streets, sometimes she thinks of taking revenge from them. Agastya thinks he will destroy a girl and her family because of whom he lost his brother. Imlie thinks she will destroy a boy’s family because of whom she lost her sister.

Precap: Amrit pays money to bar owner and asks him to vacate the bar as only he wants to listen to his singer today. Imlie says she works her and is not for sale. Agastya calls Imlie and says he is outside her/Johri house to pick her up. Imlie gets tensed.

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